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After a day of issuing an official letter requesting temples to register as quarantine points to welcome people back from epidemic areas, there were 8 temples and monasteries in 5 provinces registered as concentrated isolation areas for Covid-19 epidemic prevention. .

The Church recommends that temples register as isolation points to welcome people from epidemic areas

On October 4, Most Venerable Thich Thien Nhon, Chairman of the Executive Council of the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha, signed a letter to the Executive Boards of the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha of provinces, cities, and pagodas and monasteries requesting the pagodas to register as isolation points. welcome people back from epidemic areas.

Vinh Nghiem Hospital (HCMC). Photo taken at the beginning of 2021

Sharing with the press, Venerable Thich An Dat, Secretary of An Vien TV channel, said that after only 1 day since the official dispatch was issued, the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha had 8 temples and monasteries in 5 provinces registered to work. concentrated isolation area.

Nghe An province includes: An Thai pagoda, Yen Thai pagoda (H. Quynh Luu), Chi Linh pagoda (Yen Thanh district), Tu pagoda (H. Nghi Loc district). Binh Duong province has Hoi Khanh pagoda (Thu Dau Mot city). Bac Giang province has Ich Minh pagoda (H.Viet Yen). Ben Tre province has Vinh An pagoda (Mo Cay Nam village). Lam Dong province has Bat Nha Monastery (Bao Loc City).

Since September 30, millions of workers, laborers and people living and working in Ho Chi Minh City, Long An, Binh Duong, Dong Nai … have the desire to return to their homeland. With the possibility of concentrated isolation and limited medical conditions, many provinces and cities in the Western region and the Central Highlands urgently need to join hands to help people return from epidemic areas.

Faced with that situation, the Standing Committee of the Executive Council suggested that the Executive Boards of the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha of provinces and cities consider using temples and monasteries to ensure that they are eligible to serve as concentrated isolation areas for people who have died. were picked up by local authorities from the epidemic area. It is requested that the Executive Boards of the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha of provinces and cities coordinate with the local Steering Committees for Covid-19 Prevention and Control, the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee and local authorities to select pagodas and monastic establishments that are eligible for the treatment. facilities, ensuring sufficient requirements of medical professional agencies in epidemic prevention and control to serve as a concentrated isolation place.

The Executive Board calls on monks, nuns, Buddhists, and benefactors to continue supporting charity kitchens and loving meals to serve people in concentrated isolation areas, especially organizing kitchens at hospitals. The temple was selected as an isolation point. Continue to call for donations of medical supplies such as masks, antiseptic water, medical protective equipment, Covid-19 quick test kits, etc. for isolation areas, join hands with local authorities to ensure health and safety. and the welfare of the people.

Thien Giac Pagoda – A warm fulcrum in the season of Covid-19

Le Hong Hanh – Thanh Nien Newspaper


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