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Don’t think about the truth, in life just living well is enough.

Human life is short, momentarily has to return to dust. So don’t think more seriously, just being a good person is enough.

A traveler saw an old woman on the riverbank. The old woman is worried about how to cross the river? Although his body was exhausted, the traveler still tried his best to help the old woman cross the river. After crossing the river unexpectedly, the old woman made the traveler very disappointed… After crossing the river, the old woman said nothing, hurriedly left.

The traveler felt very regretful: “It seems that it is not worth the effort to help the old woman! Because even the two words ‘Thank you’, I didn’t get it”. Little did he know, a few hours later while he was too tired to continue walking, a young man chased after him.

This person said: “Thank you for helping my grandmother! She told me to bring you some stuff and said you’ll probably use it.” After saying this, he took out dry food and gave it to him, and at the same time gave him a horse. Do not rush to find answers to life. Don’t be in a hurry to expect life to give you all the answers. Sometimes, you need to wait patiently.

Don’t think about the truth, in life just living well is enough.

Even if you shouted at a cave, it would take a while before you could feel the sound coming back. It also means that life will give you the answers but won’t tell you all at once.

If there is a day, in your life, you encounter storms and storms, and you can’t stand it anymore, then, please wait… Everything is the best arrangement.

When you are facing adversity and feel that everything is not good. Love, work, career, ideals are all gone. In my heart I feel despair. So try to change the way you look at problems a bit, and then say to yourself: “All have been arranged for the best! Blessings go together, maybe in the future there will be an unexpected change? “All had the best arrangement”

Don’t be sad, don’t get discouraged. Don’t just look at these bad times. Know how to look far, to open your eyes. Should not regret, should not resent God to blame people. Always be optimistic trying to believe that the Law of Cause and Effect will not be the end of good people…!!!

Living knowing enough is often happy, human life is always happy


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