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Impermanence is a common phrase that is often mentioned in the process of learning and practicing Buddhism. No waiting, no appointment, impermanence can come to us at any time.

Sometimes when we are happy, we have to be sad, sometimes when we are sad, we meet with joy… and our lives are fragile like the wind, we can leave at any time.

Because life is impermanent, life is so fragile, so learning about impermanence is extremely important and necessary for all of us. In order for Buddhists to have more knowledge in their practice, we invite you to read about the topic of impermanence through the teachings of Master Thich Truc Thai Minh.

Thanks to the light of the truth of the Buddhadharma, we understand that impermanence is natural and that neither Buddha nor any god can create the law of impermanence. All dharmas, all things in the world are impermanent, changing, and coming to an end.

From the sky, the clouds, the mountains, the earth, the plants, the animals, even the human beings are subject to the law of impermanence, changing every moment, every moment of birth. Our earth is impermanent every second, every minute; Earthquakes and tsunamis can happen unexpectedly. As Buddhists, we must have the courage to look at the truth and think deeply about impermanence. Because when we really practice, often thinking about impermanence will bring a lot of benefits.

What is impermanence?

1. Freedom in life

For example, we look at objects: motorbikes, televisions, houses,… we think they will remain unchanged forever, but we don’t expect them to be silently changing, and then one day, motorbikes The spark plugs will fail, the TV will burn out the screen, the beams in the house will be broken, etc. Our body too, we think it’s fine, but we don’t know it, it’s silently changing in a subtle way. , until one day the body appears a tumor, we feel pain, then we know that our body has changed. Even in our hearts, many people think that their current girlfriend or boyfriend will always love them, but do not know that when the other person meets a new predestined situation that makes their heart change, they will no longer love us. .

Enlightenment about impermanence helps us to be free from the storms of life

We think that everything is real, permanent, unchanging, which is permanent, Buddhism calls this delusion. It is because we think that everything is immutable and eternal, so when there is a change, we will be surprised and miserable. If we have the thinking, observation to understand and take to heart the Buddha’s teaching on impermanence, when we meet the changing conditions, we will be free from all storms and not suffer.

Besides, when we know that everything will change, we have an opinion about impermanence, know how to think, evaluate, and place all things and phenomena in the impermanent change, we can There are many plans and measures to cope when things change. A person who thinks that everything will stand still, he lives with rigid, conservative and attached principles, is not flexible to change and improvise, he is called a person without wisdom. This is very dialectical thinking.

2. Cherish the present moment – Live a meaningful life

We know that this human body is very short, everyone has to leave this world. Another thing, if you don’t take the time to practice, it’s hard to get back when you lose your body. Like I was given a piece of precious chocolate, I ate it bit by bit to enjoy the taste. This life is the same, we have to savor it every day and live deeply every day, every hour.

Understanding impermanence, we need to cherish the present moment and live to make the most of life

Understanding impermanence, we need to cherish the present moment and live to make the most of life

In the sutras, the Buddha taught that: “One inch of light, one inch of metal”, that is, an inch of time, an inch of gold. Our appearance in this world is a miracle and very precious. Therefore, understanding the impermanence, every Buddhist should know to cherish the time we still have, to live meaningfully and to do the best things in life.

To appreciate life, meditate on impermanence

3. Achievements in practice

Impermanence destroys all that is born in this world. But by thinking about impermanence like that, we will firmly believe in the Buddhist path and be aware of our responsibility in practicing good cause and effect. Thereby knowing how to live and practice to transform bad things into good, bad things into good, imperfect things into perfect. This is the positive meaning of impermanence.

Diligent practice, contemplation of impermanence helps us transform our own evil qualities (illustration)

Diligent practice, contemplation of impermanence helps us transform our own evil qualities (illustration)

Not only that, according to the Buddha’s teaching, if we diligently observe about impermanence, we can also eliminate craving, thereby gradually leaving birth and death (that is, getting out of the samsara’s path and walking towards life and death). to the place where Nirvana is peaceful and happy).

Hopefully, through the teachings of Master Thich Truc Thai Minh, Buddhists will understand more about impermanence in Buddhism. From there, we observe the impermanence of our own, of our relatives, our possessions as well as everything in the world, to be content with the present, not to suffer when we lose our property, and to be free from all the storms. of life. Wishing all Buddhists to practice diligently and not let time pass in vain.


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