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On the morning of October 3, Venerable Thich Tam Ngoc, abbot of Yen Thai pagoda, Quynh Luu district (Nghe An), said that the temple and the locality had rushed to complete the items of medical facilities and equipment. to build a concentrated isolation area at the temple.

Accordingly, late on October 2, the People’s Committee of Son Hai commune (Quynh Luu) mobilized the police, army, medical, militia and Youth Union forces to carry out tasks such as organizing work. cleaning and disinfecting the temple premises; arrange food and accommodation to ensure the best living conditions to promptly welcome citizens to medical isolation.

Urgently complete the work in the concentrated isolation area at Yen Thai temple on the night of October 2nd

The pagoda together with the locality has purchased facilities and equipment such as masks, antiseptic water and medicine to ensure the conditions for Covid-19 epidemic prevention in the isolation area. Police, medical, army and militia forces are also ready to do their duty here.

It is known that the medical isolation area of ​​Yen Thai Pagoda has a maximum capacity of more than 50 beds. It is expected that in the coming days, the area will receive citizens from epidemic areas for isolation. Here, people get free accommodation, free vegetarian meals when people need it.

* On the same day, Tu Pagoda (Nghi Loc district) was also requisitioned by the local Nghi Phong commune as a concentrated isolation area.

All are used as a concentrated isolation area to prevent and control the Covid-19 epidemic.

In order to be ready to receive cases returning from epidemic areas, the temple and local forces have urgently cleaned up the lecture hall and some living rooms of Buddhists, installed more electricity for lighting, wifi, extra beds, disinfecting the entire area around the temple…

The functional force of Nghi Phong commune (Nghia Loc district) prepares to welcome citizens to medical isolation at Tu . pagoda

The functional force of Nghi Phong commune (Nghia Loc district) prepares to welcome citizens to medical isolation at Tu . pagoda

Venerable Thich Tho Lac, Standing Deputy of the Executive Board of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha in Nghe An province, abbot of Tu Pagoda, said that the pagoda will create all the best conditions for facilities so that citizens under medical isolation can rest in peace. heart.

Up to now, in Nghe An province, there have been 4 voluntary pagodas as quarantine zones: An Thai pagoda, Yen Thai pagoda (Quynh Luu district), Chi Linh pagoda (Yen Thanh district) and Tu pagoda (Yen Thanh district) Nghi Loc). In addition, many pagodas have also been surveyed by authorities at all levels and will be requisitioned as quarantine areas in the near future.

The Church recommends that temples register as isolation points to welcome people from epidemic areas


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