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Peace is happiness, knowing enough is a blessing, a pure mind is a blessed destiny, having few desires is a long life.

Do good deeds every day and accumulate good deeds

1. If you know enough, you will be at peace

Peace is happiness, knowing enough is a blessing, a pure mind is a blessed destiny, having few desires is a long life. The human stomach becomes narrow if we desire too much, on the contrary, if we know how to control our desires, our mind will open. It is better to live a life of poverty that is happy on its own, than to be rich in unwholesome sorrow. We need to stop thinking deeply, and instead should be content all the time so that we can rest freely. You should not rely on your existing health, blessings should not be enjoyed, comfort should not be overused and intelligence should not be consumed. Water flowing through rock is not a force, but a long time process. Happiness is about taking things lightly, overcoming worldly worries and sorrows, and being content with what you have right now. Spiritual wealth is true wealth.

2. Do good deeds every day

Buddhism advocates the practice of precepts, doing good deeds, to accumulate merit and virtue, to open the door of wisdom, leading to the fruition of enlightenment and becoming a Buddha. In other words, doing good is the only way to practice and practice the Buddhadharma. In the sutras, the Buddha taught “do not do evil deeds, should do good deeds”, that is indeed the truth. Buddhists in the world, the pace of life is relatively fast, often in a busy state. In order to practice kusala, we need to follow the principle of “doing good every day”, doing so, the merit is immeasurable. So doing a good deed every day is one of the best ways to develop the field of merit.

Do good deeds every day and accumulate good virtues. Therefore, people who have the mind to do good deeds and accumulate virtue, will not easily pass up this good opportunity. Although it needs to depend on each individual’s economic environment, the depth of all good deeds is not measured in terms of money, but rather the depth of “loving-kindness” as a criterion. The mind that manifests itself by a wholesome action is the generation of the mind. Mindful how? This generation of compassion is similar to that of a bodhisattva. Love, trust and gratitude, really don’t need to pursue the form, do without saying, see through from the little things, dissolve into all ideas, not for the future life, no for the sake of enjoying the results, just for the sake of a good idea, then there is already a blessing.

Good deeds, children and grandchildren will enjoy blessings

3. Do not consider details

In life, we should not be too detailed, it will only make our mind angry. There is a proverb that says, “A person’s life does not exceed a hundred years, but often cherishes and thinks of a thousand years. A hundred things are born from the heart, a smile can relieve a thousand sorrows.” If you think we’re all just passing through our temporary lives and just messing around in this finite world, what’s the point of trivial things worth worrying about and worrying about?

4. Tam is always grateful and humble

Some young people with rich families are successful in studies and favorable jobs; As a result, they consider themselves superior to others and develop pride, thinking that they can enjoy glory and riches within their means. It is these things that often become obstacles in the future. Then suddenly fail, only then will they suddenly realize their mediocrity.

There are also some talented people, they themselves have extraordinary abilities, but often have a grateful and humble attitude, always consider others equal, respect and love, willing to contribute to society and everyone. . Only in this way, they will be harmonious in the family and have a prosperous career. In fact, the gift of wisdom and wealth of “above” to people is not for them to enjoy themselves and spend lavishly, but to help the poor. The more you can share a blessing with others, the longer that blessing will last and never end. The ancients said that only humility can accumulate blessings. If you always live with humility and gratitude, your destiny will also improve accordingly.

If you always live with humility and gratitude, your destiny will also improve accordingly.

If you always live with humility and gratitude, your destiny will also improve accordingly.

5. Be kind to yourself

More happiness, less sadness; the more honesty, the less falsehood; The more leisurely, the less busy you will be. Living with these four positives is very important; With them, you can live a happy life in the present. Elderly people will know how to arrange good things in life, know how to treat themselves well, so it will surely make your mind rich.

6. Quiet, often free; Busy body but relaxed mind

Less talk, more free time; Although the body is busy, but the mind is leisurely is really not easy to do. The key is the word “leisure”. When people reach a certain age, they should make their mind leisurely, of course it’s okay to do a little housework, if you don’t do anything, it’s also boring, but don’t let your heart get stuck. contains too much busyness, should let the body be busy, but the mind must be leisurely.

Living peacefully in the midst of dangers

7. Don’t make it difficult for yourself

Change your attitude to adapt to different situations, make your mind feel relaxed and comfortable, and don’t get angry and upset with yourself when facing unpleasant things. When people get old, they can see through everything, no matter what, don’t bring trouble, be kind to yourself and don’t cause more troubles for yourself.

8. Learn how to have fun

In the world, people pursue high houses with wide doors; I just need to sit on a stone bench to watch the moon, flowers, wind and snow, get drunk with the gentle wind blowing, sing a song, drink a cup of tea, I will feel happy myself. Comfort and convenience are fine, so why bother staying upstairs or downstairs. It is wonderful to listen to a song, drink a cup of tea, cherish a flower, take care of a pot of vegetables; Isn’t it good to enjoy the beauty of nature like that?

9. Smile on face

Always smile in life, should spread goodwill and kindness to everyone, then you will build good relationships with those around you. If you cannot practice Buddhism, you should first make a good relationship. Friends or strangers can feel your kindness. In this way you will naturally reduce a lot of contradictions and conflicts, life will become smoother and more accessible, which has already begun to improve your destiny.

10. Keep it simple

If your state of mind is simple then you will have the mind to manage your life; If your life is simple then you will have time to enjoy your life. We have to learn to manage our own lives, not every day to be messy, nor to endure every day, but to enjoy each day, which requires us to have experience in managing our lives. physical. In life, there is too much joy and frustration, too much pain and sorrow. Only in this way should you live simply to be happy.

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Translated by Pham Do Quynh Chau


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