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Loving-kindness brings coolness and peace to those who constantly cultivate and practice, making one of the four immeasurable minds develop strongly.

Those who constantly cultivate loving-kindness will reap great benefits in the present moment, which is inner peace and many blessings….Illustration image.

Mother’s compassionate heart – The foundation of adult child education

1. People who have loving-kindness always sleep peacefully. Sleep with a relaxed state of mind, without anger, without fear, and naturally, sleep will come easily. Everyone can experience. People with loving-kindness close their eyes and sleep, and sleep soundly.

2. When sleeping with a peaceful mind, naturally when you wake up, wake up with a peaceful mind, with a happy face.

3. People with loving-kindness do not have dreams or dreams, do not see evil and terrible things. Even if you dream, you will see good things.

4. People who have compassion for others, of course, will reap everyone’s favorable feelings. When we look in the mirror, if our face is happy and gentle, its reflection will be gentle and happy. On the other hand, if our face is scowling, its reflection will also be scowling. In the same way, the outer world is a reflection of man’s good or bad actions and thoughts.

5. A person with loving-kindness is certainly a close friend of mankind but also a close friend of all living beings. Animals also take pleasure in being near virtuous sages. The monks lived alone in the depths of the forest, among the wild tigers, only relying on loving-kindness to protect themselves. Buddha once said:

“The Tathagata lives on a mountain, among lions, tigers, leopards, deer, etc., in the middle of a jungle of wild grass. Not a single animal is afraid of the Tathagata, but the Tathagata is not afraid of any animal. The power of loving-kindness supports, protects and helps the Tathagata to live peacefully.”

6. When properly practiced, loving-kindness has the ability to change evil into good. Poison does not harm a person with loving-kindness, except in cases where he has to pay for a bad karma he has done in the past. Loving-kindness helps yogis gain health and prevent evil influences from outside. Evil thoughts poison people. Clean thoughts help people become sane.

The scriptures record the story of Mrs. Supiya, a compassionate and fervent believer. Mrs. Supiya has a severe wound on her thigh. One day, the Buddha walked to the front of the house with a bowl, and was told by her husband that she was ill and could not come out to pay homage to him. Buddha said to bring her out. She tried to find her way to the door. As soon as she saw the Buddha’s face, her wound suddenly healed, she became healthy as usual. It was her pure reverence when she met the Buddha, combined with the power of the Buddha’s loving-kindness, that saved her from her illness.

Another passage tells that when the Buddha returned home for the first time, his son Rahula (Rahula), then just seven years old, approached him and said:

“Venerable Samana, just your shadow is enough to cool me down.”

The Buddha’s loving-kindness enveloped the boy Rahula and had a powerful attractive force that greatly appreciated him.

7. People with loving-kindness are always protected by the gods.

Cultivate indestructible spirit of loving-kindness to ghosts and gods

8. Compassion is easy to stay, because it is not stirred by conflicting thoughts. With a peaceful and peaceful mind, people with loving-kindness will live in heaven, and that heaven is created by me. Even those nearby who come in contact with someone with loving-kindness experience that blessing.

People with loving-kindness have a bright face because the face is a reflection of their inner self. When angry, the blood in the body runs twice as fast as normal, becomes hot, rushes up, causing the face to turn purple. On the contrary, loving-kindness makes the spirit happy, the body feels comfortable and peaceful, the blood is purified and clean, and the face is gentle and lovely. The scriptures say that after the Bodhisatta attained Buddhahood, while meditating and deducing the Law of Cause and Effect (Patthana), the mind was completely at rest and the blood in the body was absolutely pure. At that time, from within his dharmakaya emanated bright blue, yellow, red, white, orange and colored auras that enveloped him.

10. People who have a loving heart until they die are also happy, because their hearts do not contain angry thoughts. After he died, that bright face was a reflection of a safe and happy departure.

11. Happy death, people with loving-kindness will be reborn in the realm of leisure. If he has attained jhana, he will be reborn in the realm of Brahma.

The Sangha Sutra, Chapter 11 Dharma – Venerable Narada’s explanation


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