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The story of 13 dogs following their owners from Long An to Ca Mau, but when they returned to their homeland, they were destroyed is true and the authorities are asking to report the incident. The incident made many people sad, and raised many epidemiological and legal questions.

The image of the dogs before being burned causes the couple’s memories of Ca Mau

Image of dogs being transported by motorbike to Ca Mau. Photo: MX

From Long An to Ca Mau on an old motorbike, Pham Minh Hung and his wife brought a herd of dogs including 4 large dogs and 11 puppies. This journey received a lot of attention from the online community. However, 13 dogs were later destroyed by the authorities in Ca Mau because their owners were positive for COVID-19.

The above case caused public outrage because of the lack of scientific basis, somewhere, according to the lawyers, there are also signs of constituting the crime of property destruction.

Accordingly, in response to the Ho Chi Minh City Women’s Newspaper, Lawyer Tran Minh Hung said: “The act of destroying 13 dogs shows signs of destruction of property. According to the Penal Code, anyone who destroys or intentionally damages another person’s property valued at VND 2,000,000 or more may be examined for penal liability. It is necessary to value 13 dogs as a basis for prosecution or compensation. I think it is necessary to prosecute the case to investigate if there are signs of crime, then handle the case in accordance with the law.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Vo Trung Tin (Ho Chi Minh City University of Law) expressed in Tuoi Tre newspaper: “In the case that the authorities in Ca Mau destroyed the dogs, it is not clear what regulations they relied on and how. If the dog owner commits an administrative violation in the case of forcible destruction of the dog, it is necessary to propagate to the people before doing so…”.

Here, I would like to introduce the article of a female PhD student working at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities – Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City about this case:

Eco-criticism is born when we become too late to see human-centered (anthropocentrism). When this earth has been severely damaged with the thinking of self-governing and self-righteousness of man as the supreme right.

In “Salt of the forest”, Nguyen Huy Thiep let a hunter – butcher of the mountains “turn his head to the shore” in the joy of enlightenment to realize that animals have a higher spirituality and soul than humans, even more!

In “Ant and Man”, Tran Duy Phien describes the resistance and resistance of humans when viewing animals as enemies. In order for humans to finally lose to nature and humiliatingly realize they were wrong!

Today is probably the saddest day since the beginning of the epidemic season. The pent-up negative emotions that accumulate little by little burst. I cried many times when I kept reading about the dogs. I used to write a lot of short articles about the human-animal relationship like when I watched the Oscar-winning documentary “My Octopus Teacher”. Sequence the story of a little girl who hugs a cat to go to treatment and finally can’t go and the cat dies to the shocking event yesterday, I see the need for a nationwide movement against animal cruelty. If this news is known to the world, the image of Vietnam will definitely be very bad in the eyes of foreigners, which may affect their feelings and support for the fight against the epidemic. In Japan, Hachiko, a dog loyal to its owner, is also sculpted in the middle of Tokyo, what about us?

Statue of the loyal Hachiko dog in Japan

Statue of the loyal Hachiko dog in Japan

While Saigon has just passed hundreds of thousands of positive cases, where have any animals injured?

How will we teach our children about love for our fellow human beings, for living things, for nature? When we adults behave like that?

It’s time for laws or regulations to punish those who treat animals with cruelty. Facebook friends, please write, or share (share) to raise public voice about this incident.

Adults need to understand and children need to learn that nature has an independent being outside of human conception or thinking. By respecting nature, the relationship between man and nature will be harmonious and stable.

The love story of “brothers and sisters”: Sharing sweets, taking care of nearly 30 dogs and cats

Dr. Tran Le Hoa Tranh


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