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In order to share the difficulties of the children of Tra Vinh who go to work far away to return to their homeland and strictly implement the concentrated medical isolation according to the regulations of the Ministry of Health, Binh Phuoc Pagoda provides 130 sets of blankets, mats and over 500 daily meals for the people.

On the evening of October 9, Venerable Thich Le Hung (abbot of Binh Phuoc Pagoda, Ward 4, Tra Vinh City, Tra Vinh Province) and the Buddhists of the temple joined hands to promptly support 130 sets of blankets and mats. for people to concentrate on isolation at the dormitory of Nguyen Thien Thanh school, ward 4, Tra Vinh city. At the same time, support 180 meals for people to use in the night.

It is known that in order to support people in concentrated isolation areas in the city and people at Co Chien bridge post in Dai Phuoc commune, Cang Long district, Tra Vinh province during the implementation of Covid-19 rapid test procedures. 19, every day, Venerable Thich Le Hung and the Buddhists of the temple organize to support over 500 servings of rice to share with people during the epidemic season. On each lunch box, Venerable Thich Le Hung let Buddhists write dear words to boost the people’s spirit to overcome difficulties during the Covid-19 epidemic season.


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