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On October 9, 2021, Venerable Danh Ban – Member of the Student Council, Vice Chairman of Kien Giang Province’s Women’s Birth Control Association, Abbot of Soc Xoai Pagoda presented 200 gifts to workers from outside the province and Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City returned to the locality in Soc Son Town, Son Kien Commune, Hon Dat District, Kien Giang Province.

With a compassionate heart, join hands with local authorities at all levels to take care of disadvantaged workers from provinces and Ho Chi Minh City returning to their homeland to soon stabilize and overcome difficulties in life, due to the influence of During the Covid-19 epidemic in the past months, the Soc Xoai Pagoda Charity Association has supported 200 gifts, of which, 100 parts were given in Soc Son Town, 100 portions in Son Kien Commune, 10 kg of rice for each household.


Due to the unpredictable situation of the Covid-19 epidemic in the area, in order to ensure good epidemic prevention and control, representatives of the government went to the temple to receive gifts and sent them directly to the relatives.


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