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The 70-year-old looks at the 60-year-old, admiringly: “If only I had the same health as this person.” – Thus, this age group thinks that health is the most important.


The 60-year-old looked at the 50-year-old admiringly: “Above, there are parents to take care of, below, there are children to take care of, life is really happy” – Thus, this age group thinks that family is the most important.

The 50-year-old looks at the 40-year-old admiringly: “The years are right, the career is successful, the future is limitless” – Thus, this age group thinks that career is the most important.

The 40-year-old again looks at the 30-year-old admiringly: “Spring youth has passed in the blink of an eye, although now they have nothing, they just need to strive and they will succeed, whatever they want” – So this age thinks that Ambition is the most important.

The 30-year-old looked at the 20-year-old admiringly: “Spring is open, full of vitality, if you want to love, love, if you want to remember, remember” – So this age thinks love is the most important.

What is the greatest debt in life?

So what really matters most?

When we feel love is the most important, then we will forget our dreams and ambitions.

When we feel that career is important, we will overlook family, health.

But then, when we look back, what we looked down on is what we regret.

Human strength is limited, even if a person tries hard for a lifetime, there are many things that cannot be achieved, even if achieved, it will not make us satisfied for a long time.

There is a saying: “Knowing enough is enough”, only when we know enough will we know what happiness is, know how to live a life without regrets.



What is the greatest suffering in life?

So again, What is the most important? with you? Health – Family – Career – Ambition – Love – Intelligence and Spiritual life?

Please, in life what we are interested in, that becomes clear, great in our life. I don’t care about something, it fades into my life or disappears from my life. That is a very spiritual principle.

If people care about peace, then peace becomes great and obvious in their lives. And vice versa, if we care about money, regardless of peace, the money will be great, and peace will disappear in our life.

But peace has many levels, there is a temporary level of peace, there is a level of deep inner peace, which is the peace of knowing how to study according to the Dharma of the Tathagata.

Who lives a 100 years

I do not see the Dharma arising and passing away

Better than living a day

I was euthanized by the Dharma…


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