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Suffering does not come about by accident, it is the true truth that is the root of afflictions, the cause that creates the result of suffering. That root of defilement is also called the root of defilement.

In Buddhism, suffering is caused by greed, hatred, and delusion, but greed, hatred, and delusion grow out of ignorance.

Love away from suffering

Then there are four other kinds of mental suffering, a total of eight kinds of body and mind. If it is followed, the fifth is “love away from suffering”: suffering due to loving each other must be lost and separated. In the love between husband and wife, children, brothers and sisters who are passionately separated but separated, there is nothing more painful. Separation is of two types: birth separation and death separation.

Birth and separation of suffering: A family is living in a warm and happy situation, suddenly due to forced circumstances, or because of a sudden disaster such as war, storm, flood, fire… to the person at this top. wait, the person in the other corner remembers to wait. It’s so sad, so sad, so sad!

This is even more evident in the chaotic war situation.

How many young people far from their families and loved ones have committed themselves to a painful and deadly battle that has never been seen before. People who are in love, those who go are sad and miserable… If they love a lot, they will suffer a lot, if they don’t have love, their suffering will not be successful. This suffering comes from craving. Due to longing, wanting to live near the person you love, but having to leave, suffering. That is the suffering of “birth separation”.

Dying forever farewell to suffering: But even though they are far apart, the living will meet one day, but it’s been a long time since they died before they can enjoy each other! That is why, in the face of painful death, people mourn and mourn. Therefore, facing this death scene, some people were so sad that they forgot to eat or sleep, there were people who were in pain and suffering until they desperately wanted to die along with the deceased.

Buddha taught suffering and joy in the life of the five senses

Of the four phenomena of impermanence; birth, old age, illness, death, “death” is the thing that worries people the most. Those who are unlucky should suffer from incurable diseases such as cancer, leprosy, and AIDS to live one more day, one more day of suffering, but those unlucky people still want to live forever.

We see a dying person suffering physical torture in pain and suffering, and then we know that death is scary. The dying person, tired of breathing, contorted his mouth, bent his body, stretched his arms, broke his legs… We try to touch the dead person, and we feel cold as bronze, and the body is as stiff as a log.

People are in the scene of passionate love, no one wants to leave but the situation is ironic when people go in nostalgia for love! Just as the suffering of separation is for two people who love each other, so is the suffering of being reunited with two people who hate each other.

Hatred to meet suffering

Who holds the key of love and hate by knowing deeply about cause and effect, believing that he is the owner of many blessings.

Who holds the key of love and hate by knowing deeply about cause and effect, believing that he is the owner of many blessings.

The sixth is “resentful meeting each other, so suffering”. The opposite of love is hate. The person we hate is always present in front of us, we are very frustrated and annoyed, and want them to go somewhere out of sight. But unfortunately, in this world, the people we love have to be separated, and the people we hate often meet. This hateful suffering originates from anger. Due to anger, we are very miserable when we work with people we hate.

Not to mention the case of strangers, even in the family of relatives, between husband and wife, brothers, when for some reason, they are born at odds with each other, already suffering. Want to avoid each other, but every time they go in and out, they have to meet each other forever! Decided not to talk to each other, but sometimes forced to hold back, had to say it with uncomfortable embarrassment.

Resentment of suffering, that is, for those you do not like or hate, want to avoid being out of sight but cannot be avoided, because you have to work and live together. In life, everyone has people who love them, but there are also people who hate them for some reason.

The opposite of love is hatred and hatred. There is nothing more painful than the hatred of meeting each other all the time. Love and hate are two opposites, if you love, you don’t hate, if you hate, you don’t love; but because we are selfish and narrow-minded, so when we can’t love, we give birth to enmity and hate, and from that jealousy we can harm the other person in any way.

Hatred will make us uglier, more miserable, because of selfish thoughts, resentment, and hatred in our hearts, we always want that person to be harmed, suffer, lose, be hurt, even I even want that person to die as soon as possible. When we hate someone, we suffer first, because our angry attitude is not satisfied with the present.

The other person hasn’t suffered yet, but we have destroyed our own beauty, sometimes we can’t even hold our anger, so we beat and torture our loved ones, because we don’t know how to sympathize and forgive. We just want the other person to be like our copy, if it’s a little different, we won’t accept it, we’re clingy, attached, sometimes even stubborn, forcing the other person to follow.

We are not like a child now when we were young, we are growing up and maturing, so when we lose or suffer a certain problem, we must know how to calm down to consider and judge. Thanks to that, I am not confused by the selfish and narrow habits that give rise to hatred.

Due to the lack of true love in the human world, there is always resentment, hatred, and hatred towards each other, which gives rise to wars, soldiers, massacres, and killing each other mercilessly. Sometimes we use the name of God to punish people, create so much suffering, hurt each other.

Because we love in selfishness and narrow-mindedness due to our lack of understanding, we easily torture and beat our loved ones when we cannot control our anger. Those who have such hateful thoughts will never find inner peace, because their hearts are always filled with sorrow and suffering.

When we truly love and appreciate each other, that love has a long-term compensation, so we seek to protect and preserve them, until we feel betrayed, abandoned, and found someone else. With other friends, I feel helpless and lost in the market of love, so I regret, cry, resent and eventually lead to enmity and hate.

Craving causes suffering

Once someone has embraced that emotion, it is like a sharp knife slowly cutting into the body, disappointing and suffering to the extreme. I am no longer lucid, but hopelessly frantic. If we have tried all the ways but can’t transform hate, we must know that we are falling into the depths of the prison of sin.

Who would be foolish enough to suffer like this when we have a loving, understanding, forgiving, sympathetic heart. We just remember, knowing that we are like that, how many feelings of resentment, hatred, and hatred have no place to hide. As we know, I am the owner of many blessings, I have the most perfect and beautiful heart, why should I tie myself together because of that hateful mind, to make my family, relatives, friends you don’t have the opportunity to be close, live loving each other.

Once they hate each other, the vast world will become a dark, narrow corner of the sky. Meeting a person that we have hated for a long time and want to avoid forever can’t be avoided. This situation is even more painful if you are in a close family.

Love and hate are two conditions that can make people miserable or happy, too much love and nostalgia are also suffering, too much hate but more suffering every day. In fact, it is very difficult for us to love someone who has never loved us, sometimes they hate us and have made us suffer.

Love is human nature, but most people only love in selfishness, narrowness and conditions, so they never have tolerance, generosity, sympathy and forgiveness. It is because of that narrow love that leads to jealousy, envy and suffering for each other.

Who holds the key of love and hate by knowing deeply about cause and effect, believing themselves to be the owner of many blessings, living honestly, sharing and respecting, respecting each other with human love. in life, then this world will be a paradise of happiness.

I hope it’s not as bad as I want it to be

The seventh is “desire but not getting what you want”. What I want but can’t get is miserable. For example, if you want to pass an exam, what if you fail? – Too bad. In addition to the exam, there are many other things to pray for. Like in business, in love… many people want to commit suicide because their wishes are not fulfilled. People suffer when they do not get satisfaction, such as desires, excessive cravings for their own needs. For example, when you are hungry, you want to have food to eat, and when you are full, you want to be rich and rich, and have someone to serve you.

There are also sufferings in life. In life, if people get what they want, they’re happy, if they don’t like it, they’re sad, if they’re sad, they’re miserable. Each of us try to look back at our lives to see if there are many good things or unhappiness and suffering? Those who are fortunate have less unsatisfactory things, but all have unsatisfactory things. Unsatisfactory, miserable or happy? Suffering, of course. People suffer when they are exposed to things they don’t like or hate.

People in life, the more they hope, the more disappointed they become. In any case, the number of people who are satisfied is very rare, and those who are not satisfied are incalculable. To get good results, one must use countless energies, work hard, spend time, lose food, stop sleeping, just hoping to get success soon. Then, unfortunately, those wishes did not come true, the suffering did not know where the end was. Below are a few examples of the most common disappointments people experience.

Disappointment because of fame: In life, fame is often a delicious bait that most people love. But that bait, isn’t it easy to win? Not to mention those who skydive, want to be a short mandarin, so most of them fail, just talking about the case of those who legitimately seek fame,…


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