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On the morning of October 14, 2021 (on September 9, the year of the Tan Ox), the ceremony of the young couple Nguyen Bao Tung (legal name Phuc Han) and Phan Thi Ngoc Diep (French name Lien Diep) was solemnly held. at Bich Thuong pagoda (Gia Hoa commune, Gia Vien, Ninh Binh).

The ceremony was witnessed by Venerable Thich Tam Giai – Abbot of Bich Thuong Pagoda with the participation of Buddhists, families of both sides and distinguished guests.

After the session of chanting for peace and blessings from the Venerable Thien Duc and the participating Buddhists. The young couple held a tea ceremony to commemorate the Three Jewels and the Monks and at the same time held a ceremony for their parents to show their gratitude for their birth and upbringing.


Here, Venerable Thich Tam Explain also had a short Dharma talk about the meaning of the ceremony of marriage, the couple’s wedding rings and the morality of husband and wife that the Buddha taught in the Thien San Sutra. At the end of the Dharma period, the Venerable Master encouraged the young couple to live fully their duties as a wife, husband, good daughter-in-law, and son-in-law to build a happy family together.

Turning your heart to the Three Jewels with the proof of Zen Virtues and their families, the bride and groom exchange rings and vow to live together for life, building a couple’s happiness on the basis of the five virtues. of Buddhism.

The ceremony ended in the happiness and joy of everyone with thanks from the representatives of the two families.


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