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On the afternoon of October 14, 2021, Mr. Ngo Hung – Secretary of Vinh Chau Town Party Committee, and members of the delegation went to Ngoc Chau Nhu Vihara to attend the gift giving program for people in the isolation area.

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Sister Thich Nu Tam Lien, abbot Sister Thich Nu Nhu Lien welcomed and raised the association of the Vihara with the call of the Central Committee of the People’s Committee of Vinh Chau town, about supporting people in the isolation area and lockdown. This program will be given to 1,500 households in Khanh Hoa, Lai Hoa and Vinh Tan wards. In the immediate future, giving at the vihara represents nearly 30 households. In addition to the gift of instant noodles, rice, sugar, soy sauce, cooking oil, fish sauce. Mr. Ngo Hung also gave each household 200,000 VND in cash.

Mr. Ngo Hung spoke

On behalf of the City Party Committee, he also thanked abbot Thich Nu Nhu Lien for being active in campaigning to support people in difficulty during the epidemic season, in addition, he informed them about the epidemic situation. Covid-19 in Vinh Chau area, calling on people to join hands to well implement the state’s regulations in epidemic prevention and control, contributing to the new normal in the locality.


It is known that the total value of these gifts is 300 million VND due to the contribution of An Hy Pharmaceutical Company (District 10 – Ho Chi Minh City), Dieu Hong Buddhist – Bao Ngoc.

Mr. Ngo Hung and Sister Thich Nu Nhu Lien gave gifts to relatives.

Mr. Ngo Hung and Sister Thich Nu Nhu Lien gave gifts to relatives.


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