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We want to be successful, we must know how to transform our inner roots. That is called: “Within no chaos is meditation, outside without fighting is purity”…

Peace of mind for a peaceful and happy life

A world is developed and formed in many levels according to the blessings of that country, so we must also know how to deal with it in many different ways. But, the first condition is that our inner mind must be pure and clear and the outside must be peaceful to harmonize with the rhythm of human life.

Human life always has many ideas and ambitions in life, but there is only one purpose in life, which is the pursuit of happiness both materially and spiritually. And those ideas and dreams are the effort to study well, and then choose a true career to serve and contribute to society.

Through these actions, in return we have a life full of material comforts, and spiritual freedom. This is the human desire for legitimate fame and gain, just as water needs fire to have food to eat.

Peace of mind and peace of mind is the common struggle of Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and everyone

However, there are many people who are very successful on the road of life but are mentally deficient, because everything has its price, if we are ambitious to go on forever, but do not know how to stop, we will pay a price. expensive. Because the success of that full material life makes us morally inferior, our inner peace is always insecurity and fear.

As we all know, there are people who are very successful when they are young. But because of too great ambition and lack of morality, in old age must live in solitude or in a nursing home. And those are the greatest human sufferings, when we remember the good things in our heroic past are now gone. Or haunted and scared by the bad deeds of the past. However, there are people whose success comes very slowly because their predestined conditions are incomplete. In their old age, they leave a historical mark, making many people mourn when they leave.

Keep your mind in one place, nothing is not accomplished

Therefore, it is moral character that is the foundation for the sustainable and long-term success of people. Contrary to the success by deceiving, lying, to appropriate others in many forms, at some point the truth will be revealed, then it will be too late to repent.

So if we want to be successful, we have to know how to transform our inner roots. That is called: “Without chaos is meditation, outside without fighting is purity”. Because we are always aware in every moment, we should be mindful of the same, in addition, we do not compete over losing, right and wrong with life. The world capitalizes on fame and gain as a career, their happiness is to be better than others and to see their enemies suffer or die. True cultivators, “take wisdom as a career”. And take helping, sharing for others as the purpose of your life. Cultivators want to help many people need to have enough blessing physical and inner purity. When having enough merit and virtue, a practitioner must know how to master material temptations, along with the market and disobedience of people, and contribute to a good life.

Those who do not believe in cause and effect will beg for mercy

True cultivators,

True cultivators, “take wisdom as a career”.

There was an old man pulling a heavy rice cart, suddenly tripping over a stone on the side of the road, spilling all the rice bags on the ground… The old man tried his best to move the rice bags up, but still couldn’t, so He sat helplessly on the ground, looking emaciated and miserable…

He looked around and saw a temple, outside the temple were cars parked close to each other, seeing that scene the old man felt sad and blamed himself. This old body worked hard all his life and was still poor, the others were rich!

A Buddhist heard it and said: “You have come to the temple, why don’t you go to pray sincerely, what is the use of sitting here complaining about your fate?

The old man said: I heard people say that this temple is very sacred, but there are always many visitors from all over the world … You see, the car park is full of the temple yard! The old man asked the girl to help with the rice, then asked her to look after the rice cart and entered the temple. In front of his eyes were many people of all kinds, holding hands and mouths glaring at something that he could not hear clearly, and incense smoke was suffocating…

A monk walked up to him and said: Yes sir, is it the first time you come to the temple? Yes! So what does the client want to ask for? I pray to the Buddha to bring justice to everyone. The monk said how to be fair. The old man said: I was born in a poor family, lacking in all kinds of hardships, with food not enough to eat, clothes not enough to wear, a miserable life following me persistently.. While there are so many other people. Born in a rich and wealthy family, without much effort but still have a big house, so it’s not fair at all! The monk said: Do you want to be like these people? The old man said: Yes!

Monk: All these people are beggars at the Buddha door! Old man: Looking at them rich and noble, what is there to lack to beg? The new monk said: In this world, few people are satisfied with what they have and had. Don’t believe him, just go near them and see! The old man curiously approached everyone, pressed close and listened to what they were saying?

An elderly middle-aged man wearing a vest and tie in a very neat and polite manner said: “I pray to the Buddha to save my company from bankruptcy, thousands of workers are living off the company. Waiting for the blessing of Buddha-da.

An elderly woman standing next to her cried and said: “Please have mercy on me and give me the strength to fight this terrible cancer, I have suffered for many years because of it. I beg you to save me, I am so grateful…

A young girl standing nearby with a sad and gloomy face also said sad words: “This year I am almost 30 years old and still have not had a strong love. I am suffering, Buddha, please help me find my ideal lover so that i can have a place to lean on please bless me…

When the old man heard this, he felt very sorry for these people and no longer felt sorry for himself and exclaimed, how poor they are. And got up and went to where the monk sat.

Teacher, they beg for too many things, in fact, they are all beggars from the Buddha’s door… This old man thinks that everyone in this world is happier than him, but who knows that they also have so much pain and suffering! Thinking back, I have many happier things than them such as: health, no worries..,!

The monk then slowly said: That’s right! Life is fair to everyone… just advises us to be content with what we have in the present and live a peaceful, joyful, healthy life… The old man woke up after hearing that… to know it. cause and effect are very fair.

Buddhism is righteous cause and effect

Deeply believe in cause and effect and know how to master yourself from thoughts, words to actions in every moment

Deeply believe in cause and effect and know how to master yourself from thoughts, words to actions in every moment

Is the belief in good and bad dates, rituals of worshiping the stars at the beginning of the year in accordance with the spirit of Vietnamese Buddhism? Surely not, because Buddhism is a true believer in cause and effect, focusing on people, according to the principle that when you do good, you enjoy happiness, when you do evil, you suffer, no one has the right to bless and inflict harm?

We would like to repeat a verse taught by the Buddha in the Sangha Sutra, volume 1, page 540: “Dear disciples, if a person every morning, every afternoon, and every evening thinks and thinks about the doing good, saying good things with his mouth, doing good deeds with his body, then that morning, that afternoon, that afternoon, that person will have peace in the present moment.”

The true teaching of the Buddha, through the opening of wisdom, he saw and knew as it really was. Newcomers to Buddhism, who have not yet thoroughly understood the Buddha’s teachings, still more or less think that their destiny is determined by years, months, days, hours, seconds, minutes, good or bad. This is completely contrary to the Buddha’s teaching, especially not with the spirit of the above-mentioned sutra.

According to the Buddha, the concept of good and bad associated with time and date cannot be clearly demonstrated, it can change according to many other causes and conditions.

In this world, there is no one to bless

The culture of worshiping stars considers good and bad days as Chinese, Western cultures do not consider good and bad days, but they are still rich and civilized. Thus, instead of worrying and fearing about the good and bad days due to the influence of Chinese culture, Buddhist practitioners need to strictly control their thoughts, words and actions.

On the 8th day of the first lunar month every year, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Koreans and Koreans have the habit of going to the temple to worship the stars. In fact, at the temple, there is no ceremony to worship stars, but only a ceremony to pray for peace at the beginning of the year to pray for peace in the world, the war will end, people do not kill and live lovingly with understanding.

Buddhist practitioners should not believe that this year is their bad year, this month is a bad month, the day after tomorrow is a bad day. In fact, that belief has no basis and is not based on any basis of cause and effect or truth.

Buddhists should not worship because of fear of bad stars. In fact, stars are planets. Planets are matter, they cannot change human destiny. All our actions are controlled by the mind, whether good or bad karma is controlled by the mind.

Therefore, people who practice Buddhism develop a good heart to do meritorious deeds, make offerings, build temples, publish scriptures, and support monks. All of these are noble gestures and have the potential for direct career change.

So in January, Buddhists, be diligent…


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