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Buddha is the supreme being among all beings. That supreme word must be reconsidered. The ultimate is only one person, only one, why are there two people here?

Buddha is the supreme being among all beings.

Buddha and his home tree

– Your Excellency! I heard that the Buddhas enlightened to the same things, preached the same dharmas, the precepts promulgated are the same…, is that right?

– My, yes!

– A Buddha appears in the world like that, life will be very beautiful, perfect and brighter, isn’t it?

– My, yes!

– So why don’t the two Perfectly Enlightened ones appear at the same time to support each other and support each other to promote the Dharma? If so, then this life will be twice as good, twice as perfect, and twice as bright and beautiful! And so, Buddhism will be glorious, spreading in the universe, saving more than twice as many sentient beings as heaven and human. Could you please instruct me on this?

– Your Majesty! The Buddha taught that there are ten thousand worlds in this world. Those ten thousand worlds are only capable of supporting one Buddha. In other words, ten thousand worlds can only endure the existence of one Buddha. If two Buddhas appear at the same time, these ten thousand worlds will be shaken, shaken, tilted, destroyed, and perished!

For example, a small boat can only carry one person, if two people hitchhike, the boat will not be able to carry it and will sink. The main boat is the ten thousand worlds, the hitchhiker is a Buddha. This example should be understood by the king to answer himself and find out why for his question.

– Yes sir.

– For example, two trucks are loaded with goods with enough tonnage to prepare for a long journey. For some reason, people take away one car, transfer the goods from that vehicle to another. How does the king feel? A car that weighs some goods with double the weight, what will the fate of that car be?

– That wheel will break or the axle will break in pieces!

“The ten thousand worlds would also be broken or broken apart like that, if the weight of two Buddhas were to be present at the same time, great king?”

– I understood thanks to those two examples.

– In addition, there are many harms caused by disputes, divisions, attachments, and protection, that are “this is my Buddha, that is your Buddha”; and so divided into two groups, will fight each other with weapons of tongue, weapons of swords and sticks. In short, things that are harmful to the Dharma will happen.

– Yes! For example, in my court here, if I have two courtiers with equal talent and merit, they will be favored by me. The mandarins in the court were divided in two to support those two mandarins. What will happen? Of course, there will be quarrels and quarrels, there will be divisions and discord when “this is our mandarin, that man of yours!” It’s really hard for you to deal with. In court, it is impossible for two mandarins to have equal talent, equal merit, equal power…how, in this ten thousand worlds, there should be no two Buddhas, venerable sir!

The Buddha is the best example of a simple life

– Yes, I hope the king understands. And there may be other annoyances and complications. Even the blessings, titles, and honors of the world towards the Buddhas will have something not very good.

For example, the Buddha is the supreme being among all beings. That supreme word must be reconsidered. The ultimate is only one person, only one, why are there two people here?

For example, the Buddha is the most respectable and noble of the three worlds. It is no longer appropriate to use that noble word.

Also, for example, the Buddha is the first evolution between the gods and the humans. The word “first” will no longer be used. In addition, for example, the Supreme Master, the World Honored One, the Heavenly Sphinx… all have to be revised.

More, O king! In this world, the great and great things are usually only one: the earth, the sun, the moon, the sea, the void, the Mount Meru, the Himalayas… And the great sentient beings like ghosts King, Emperor like, great Brahma also have only one. Similarly, in the world, only a Fully Enlightened One can call him great, precious, noble, sublime, unsurpassed, supreme… Thus, in a certain period, between In these ten thousand worlds there is only one Buddha born, there cannot be two, great king!

Excerpted from “Mi Tien’s Questions and Answers”

Translator Venerable Presbyterian


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