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On the morning of October 18, at the Office of the Executive Board of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha in Thua Thien Hue province (Truong An ward, Hue city), the Provincial Buddhist Guidance Committee of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha summarized the Buddhist activities for the term (2017-2022) and proposed a method. operating direction for the term 2022-2027.

Prove, attend the conference with religious leaders Prove the Executive Board of the Provincial Buddhist Sangha, the Standing Board of the Provincial Executive Board, the departments attached to the Church; Standing Standing Committee of Buddhist Guidance of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha province; lay members of the Buddhist Sangha, the monks of the Buddhist hall, the head of the Instructional Committee of the Provincial Buddhist Family Division.

Hue Buddhist monks and nuns participate in supporting Binh Duong against the epidemic

Venerables attended the summation conference

During the past 5 years, under the direction of the Standing Board of the Executive Board of Thua Thien Hue Province in developing an action plan to meet the goals and orientations set by the Board of Directors for the 2017-2022 term, the Board of Directors lead Buddhists of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha in the province to have properly performed the function of guiding and supporting the spiritual and religious needs of lay Buddhists to live in the right spirit of Compassion – Wisdom of Buddhism; implemented the administrative documents of the Central Church and the locality for Buddhists in the province, actively and effectively engaged in Buddhist activities during his tenure.

The Board of Guidance for Buddhists was approved by Decision No. 017/2017/QD-BTS dated April 14, 2017 led by Venerable Thich Thuong Chieu, consisting of 27 monks and nuns and lay Buddhists. The Buddhist Guidance Board is structured into two divisions: the Lay Buddhist Division and the Buddhist Family Division of Thua Thien Hue Province.

Venerables and Buddhists attended

Venerables and Buddhists attended

At the conference, Venerable Thich Huyen Dinh, Chief Secretary and Head of the Buddhist Guidance Committee of Phu Vang District reported the achievements that the Provincial Buddhist Guidance Board has achieved during the past 5 years on the basis of always inheriting and promote the tradition of serving the “benefit of the path, benefit the life” of Vietnamese Buddhism. The Buddhist Guidance Board is always interested in guiding the householders to practice the righteous Dharma in order to bring benefits and peace to themselves, consciously build a peaceful life, promote the spirit of protecting the Three Jewels, serving births; Actively encourage lay Buddhists to participate in programs of socio-economic goals, humanitarian charity, gratitude, day for the poor, building new countryside…

Especially in 2020, the general influence from the covid-19 epidemic and the central provinces suffering many difficulties caused by natural disasters and floods, the Buddhist Guidance Board together with relief groups and benefactors share with people damaged by floods and storms, with a total value of more than 3 billion VND.

The direction of operation in the coming term, the Buddhist Guidance Board will stabilize the personnel of the Divisions according to the Regulations of the Central Buddhist Guidance Board and the living regulations of the Provincial Buddhist Executive Board. Stabilizing personnel 97 Board of Guardians, Buddhist recitation hall in Hue City; Organize retreats for ashrams; implementing memorandums of understanding between the leadership of Hue City and the provincial Board of Directors on coordination in implementing educational content, promoting moral values, lifestyle, unique Hue customs and traditions, associated with construction urban civilized lifestyle and promote the movement “Sunday for the community”.

Most Venerable Thich Duc Thanh bestowed the word

Most Venerable Thich Duc Thanh bestowed the word

On behalf of the Board of Directors, Most Venerable Thich Duc Thanh praised the encouraging achievements that the monks and nuns, members of the Buddhist Guidance Board have achieved successfully in the past term. For lay Buddhists, although they are still very busy with family livelihoods and worries in life, they still diligently practice and participate in Buddhist activities large and small at all levels of the Church. The Venerable Master believed that in the coming term, the Provincial Buddhist Guidance Board would continue to complete the proposed Buddhist work, contributing to the construction and development of Buddhism in Thua Thien Hue province in the future.


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