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Recently, Venerable Thich Tue Giai, Chief of Office cum Deputy Head of Charity – Social Affairs Department of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha in Kien Giang province, along with the venerable virtues in the Executive Board visited and gave gifts to support 4 households whose loved ones have died due to death. Covid-19.

Accompanying the delegation were representatives of the government Mr. Luu Van Quang, Head of the Department of Mass Mobilization, Chairman of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of Rach Gia City; Ms. Chau Cam Le, Director of Phuc Ngoc Co., Ltd.

The delegation came to burn incense and pray for Le Thanh Liem’s ​​grandson, born in 1978, at home in Phu Hoa hamlet, Phi Thong commune.

The Kien Giang Buddhist Executive Committee doesn’t mind working hard to come and encourage families

Continuing the journey, the group went to a small house in Vinh Thanh Van ward to burn incense and pray for Mr. Nguyen Van Hieu (32 years old). Mr. Nguyen Van Tri, 70 years old, Mr. Hieu’s father, moved to share: “My family was in a difficult situation, my wife died a long time ago, and I raised my son alone. Now, he left me to go with his mother, now his ashes are deposited at Phat Quang Pagoda. I am very grateful to the Church, teachers and authorities for their concern and help at this time.”

Giving support envelopes to Mr. Nguyen Van Tri

Giving support envelopes to Mr. Nguyen Van Tri

The delegation also came to the family of Mr. Thach Thanh Hong, born in 1972, the family of Mrs. Duong Hong Than, aged 66, in Vinh Lac ward. The delegation gave the net part of the donation and the words of encouragement and condolences to the families.

It is known that here, Phat Quang Pagoda will hold a ceremony to pray for the souls of the deceased because of the Covid-19 pandemic on the 7th week of the seventh week of the year, who is sending ashes to the temple.


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