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On the morning of October 20, 2021 (on September 15, Tan Ox year), Tuong Nguyen Pagoda (District 4, Ho Chi Minh City) held a ceremony to pray for victims of COVID-19 disease.

The ceremony started at 7:00 am. Thich Minh Phu and the monks of Tuong Nguyen Pagoda conducted offerings of incense at the No. 8 Field Hospital (District 7, Ho Chi Minh City).

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In the dignified and pure atmosphere of the ceremony, the crowd gathered together to read and recite the Ksitigarbha sutras and pray, relying on the power of the Three Jewels to bless them for their rebirth in a peaceful realm. The epidemic will soon be over and life will return to normal. After the ceremony of reciting and reciting the Earth Stored Sutra, there is a time to worship the horse, the spirit, and the monk at the temple.

According to known information, at 13:00 on the same day, monks will set up a ceremony to pray for help for helpless souls, especially compatriots who have died due to epidemics in the past time to be born soon. in a tranquil place.

Khanh Duy – Tinh Thao (PSO)


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