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The Buddha said, in human beings, there are twelve diseases, serious diseases, not being able to see the Buddha. Ananda asked the Buddha, “What disease is it?”

The Buddha replied: “Not respecting parents, it is a disease; ignorance creates evil, which are two diseases; false falsehoods, there are three diseases; words harm people, that is the four diseases; or find fault with people, is the fifth disease; the sixth disease, killing sentient beings; shameless, which are the seven diseases; lust, is the eighth disease; arrogant condescending people, which are the nine diseases; sin of not repenting, is the tenth disease; praise oneself and criticize others, is the eleventh disease; not knowing the benefits, is the twelve disease.”

In the Lotus Sutra, the Buddha taught about 12 types of diseases that cause birth to be unable to see the Buddha.

Again Ananda asked, “How can such diseases be treated?”

The Buddha replied: “Using the right medicine, the disease will be relieved. Compassionate, rejoicing, humble and humble, praising the Mahayana, speaking gently, apologizing, loving the poor, respecting the elderly, being criticized by others, not angry, not angry, praising others, vowing to save sentient beings, having resentments that must be resolved, respecting above and giving below, that is the cure for the above diseases.”

Ananda asked again, “Where can I find those medicines?” The Buddha replied: “In Mount Sumeru”. Ananda again asked, “What is Sumeru?” The Buddha replied, “It’s a human body. All sentient beings have six tribulations: One is that the human body is difficult to obtain; the second is that the human body is hard enough; three is hard to develop goodwill; four is that Fa-rectification is difficult to hear; year is Chinese hard to give birth; Sixth is the difficult to find Taoism.”

The Buddha said in verse that, if you create karma, in a hundred thousand kalpas, the karma will not be lost, until the causes and conditions are fully integrated, the person who causes the karma will have to bear the retribution. A cheerful face is an offering, a mouth that does not lie, a wonderful fragrance, a heart without anger, that is the Pure Land, a mind that is not impatient, that is the ashram. Being a student of the Way, but not knowing the benevolence, being busy all day long, indulging in beauty, only knowing how to take water and wash his face, but do not use good, cleanse his heart, and stop doing all evil, that is the Pure nature of humanity. Degree. Whether wise or stupid, the first thing to do is to give up greed and hatred.

In the Lotus Sutra, the Buddha taught about 12 types of diseases that cause birth to be unable to see the Buddha.

In the Lotus Sutra, the Buddha taught about 12 types of diseases that cause birth to be unable to see the Buddha.

If there is anyone who, hearing this Dharma, has strong faith, diligently cultivates, often does good deeds, and enjoys Nirvana. The Nirvana Sutra says: “When the Buddha was still alive, in the Ka-la pond, there was a mussel who, listening to the Buddha’s teaching, crawled ashore, hid in the grass, and listened to the Buddha speak. There was a buffalo herder, seeing the audience, surrounded the Buddha, ran to see, because he wanted to hear the Dharma. In a hurry, step on a mussel; it died now, and was reborn in the Dao Loi heaven.

Then it thought, I was originally a mussel, because of what predestined conditions, I was born in heaven? At that time, the gods, knowing their bodies first, and having heard the teachings of the Dharma, were born in heaven, left the palace, went to the Buddha’s place, and made prostrations. The Buddha again spoke the Dharma, let him hear it. After hearing it, he attained the first fruition. Only by hearing the dharma, he attained Right Enlightenment. Animals are still like that, let alone the human body, so you must try, listen carefully to the Buddha Dharma, a word in your ear, remember to think carefully, will make the seed, the Bodhi path, the endless eons; good roots grow, evil karma gradually dissipates, develop bodhicitta, establish firm resolve, seek the unsurpassed path, generously serve sentient beings, cultivate the same path and fruit, together attain Bodhi, practice diligently, resolve not to turn back, understand the self-mind, resolve to attain Buddhahood, escape from birth and death, and attain Nirvana. Present money to the masses, please devote your heart and soul to pay homage to the Great Father.

Excerpted from “The Sutra of Contemplation of the Dharma”

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