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On the evening of October 21, 2021, the Sangha of the Enlightenment Pagoda respectfully and solemnly held a memorial ceremony for the Great Elder HT. Thich Pho Tue (1917 – 2021).

At 3:22 am on the same day, the venerable monks, nuns, Buddhists, and devotees of Buddhism across the country received sad news about the Lord of France The Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha has collected the deceased members of the Buddhist Sangha. Most Venerable Thich Pho Tue Formerly the Dharma Chairman of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha Proving Council; Vice Chairman of the Executive Council; Head of the Executive Committee of the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha in Ha Tay province (now Hanoi city); Member of the Central Committee of the Vietnam Fatherland Front; The abbot of Vien Minh Communal House (Quang Lang commune, Phu Xuyen district, Hanoi city), with 105 years of life, 85 years of lowland.

In front of the altar of enlightenment at Buddha’s temple, Giac Ngo Pagoda, TT. Thich Nhat Tu respectfully offered incense and bowed down with the Sangha as a way of paying respects to the Third Dharma Master.

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During the ceremony, TT. Thich Nhat Tu reviewed the life of the late Great Venerable Most Venerable after about a dozen times he had the chance to meet him. The Venerable shared: “The life of the Dharma Master is a message of noble conduct, a shining example for me and the monks and nuns to follow. His life is very simple with a humble, sincere lifestyle. Although he has reached the age of 100, his walking, standing, lying and sitting activities are all performed by himself, without the need for an attendant. The Church invited him to be the Dharma Master, which is a wisdom. Because he always tries to harmonize the mountain sects, but does not change the nature. His Holiness the Dharma Master has devoted himself to serving the Dharma and humanity non-stop…”

In accordance with the last wish of the late Third Dharma Master, the Sangha of the Enlightenment Temple read and recited the Di Dao Sutra, the last sutta that the Buddha preached before entering Nirvana.

Before returning to the world of impermanence, the Great Elder HT. Thich Pho Tue advised: “After I followed the Buddha, I was not allowed to hold a solemn funeral, a very simple and short ceremony according to the Buddhist tradition and held at Vien Minh pagoda. Please do not garland, do not have lengthy biographies, do not waste time and harm the merits of monks, nuns and Buddhists. If you remember me, then recite the Buddha’s name and recite the sutras at your residence to dedicate merit for a peaceful world and a peaceful life.”

Outstanding in the practice of Zen Buddhism, to the end of his life, the Venerable Master still chose for himself a way to leave without noise and think for life. The evidence is that in the exhortation, he did not want to hold a grand funeral, without wreaths and only recite the Buddha’s name, read and recite the sutras. TT. Thich Nhat Tu says: “His Holiness’s advice conveys two messages. One is to maintain the source of mindfulness from reading sutras. Second, pray for world peace and peaceful life through chanting rituals.”

After more than a century, the Venerable Master still maintains a pure life like the patriarchs of the past. Under the roof of the ancient Rang pagoda with moss-printed tiles and rows of areca trees on both sides of the path, the Dharma Master has been practicing meditation for nearly 100 years. Besides farming, he spends most of his time practicing diligently and contributing to the development of Buddhism in the country. The works of Buddhism left to the world such as “The Hundred Example Sutra”, “The Buddha’s Three Sutras”, “Outline of the Dharma Flower Sutra”, “Buddhist Studies is Wisdom Learning”, .. are the results from the translation process. , compiled by the late Great Elder Venerable.

At this time, the Third Dharma Master always upheld the life value of a person’s life, especially the value of the guru, saying: “You are the model, the pedagogy of mankind, at least in a community. fellow people. If there is no morality, no wisdom, how can we teach people? What is a good example for everyone to follow?”. Therefore, he always tries to devote to Buddhism in the country and bring benefits to people despite his advanced age.


Now, although he has “followed the Buddha’s ancestors”, the pure life and long process of diligent practice of the late Great Elder Venerable are forever a shining example for monks and nuns, Buddhists for posterity. His life is like a shining star in the Buddhist sky, marking the development as well as simulating the “poor and lost” virtue of a Zen master in particular and Vietnamese Buddhism in general. .

According to the announcement of the Proving Council of the Executive Council of the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha, the official visitation ceremony will take place from 7:00 a.m. on October 22, 2021 to the end of October 23, 2021. The memorial service will be held at 9:00 am on October 24, 2021. After that, the treasure of the Venerable Master will enter the stupa in the grounds of the Vien Minh Ancestral Communal House.

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