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“Being present” is the only way to live life to the fullest.

Appreciate the moments in the present to live happily.

Wake up today

I see blue sky

The sky is shining

Your eyes are sparkling

Wake up today

I see steady legs

Right hand lifting left hand

I feel a big heart

Wake up today

My lips smile

Chirping baby bird

I find life happy

Wake up today

I take a deep breath

And consider yourself lucky

When in each other…

A life of awareness and mastery of your mind.

A life of awareness and mastery of your mind.

Clear your heart to live happily

It will be precious if you are present in the present moment, breathing and seeing yourself in each other. Sometimes the simple thing after a long sleep is just to be grateful that our life is still breathing, but because of the whirlwind of work, the burden of rice, rice, and money, because the vortex of living doesn’t stop us, that’s why. forget…

As long as every morning, we practice smiling and learning how to watch the in and out of our breath, we are also recognizing and learning how to nourish our body and mind. Life is too much impermanent, the pandemic has not stopped, but has gradually subsided, enough for us to witness so much pain and loss, a normal life is now beyond our imagination.

Then it does not mean that now we have to hurry, regardless of whether it is better or worse with life, we stand up firmly to establish a new life that is more peaceful, lighter, a life that spreads knowledge. grateful and respectful, a life of tolerance and willingness to forgive… A life of awareness and mastery of one’s mind.

How to practice overcoming the five precepts to have a happy life


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