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On October 15, 2021, Deputy Minister of Home Affairs, Head of the Government Committee for Religion – Mr. Vu Chien Thang signed Document No. 5206/BNV-TGCP to leaders of religious organizations on continuing to implement measures to Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control in the new situation.

Vietnam Buddhist Portal would like to send to readers the full text of the Text:

To: Leaders of religious organizations

Last time, Covid-19 epidemic complicated developments, affecting all aspects of socio-economic life, health and life of people, including religious compatriots. In the context of the country facing difficulties due to the pandemic, following the call of the leaders of the Party and State, religious organizations have shown the spirit of solidarity, attachment and accompaniment to the nation in the cause of prevention. , against the Covid-19 epidemic. The Ministry of Home Affairs recognizes and highly appreciates the contributions of religious organizations, religious dignitaries and religious compatriots, making an important contribution together with the whole people to repel the Covid-19 epidemic.

Currently, the epidemic situation has been gradually controlled, and socio-economic activities are gradually restored to a new normal state. However, there are still many unstable and unpredictable factors that may appear more dangerous new virus strains, making the epidemic complicated, requiring people not to be subjective and neglectful in prevention work. , anti-epidemic.

Implement Resolution No. 128/NQ-CP dated October 11, 2021 of the Government on “safe adaptation, flexibility, effective control of the Covid-19 epidemic”, temporary guidance on medical expertise ( Decision No. 4800/QD-BYT dated October 12, 2021 of the Ministry of Health), the Ministry of Home Affairs suggested leaders of religious organizations pay attention to the following issues:

1. To guide religious organizations, concentrated religious activities groups, religious dignitaries and religious people to carry out religious activities suitable to the new situation. Plan and take responsibility for implementing measures to ensure epidemic prevention and control under the guidance of specialized agencies, ensuring regulations on Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control according to Resolution No. 128/NQ- CP of the Government and Decision No. 4800/QD-BYT of the Ministry of Health and regulations of local authorities.

2. Instruct dignitaries, believers, and religious worship establishments to strictly observe the government’s regulations on classification of translation levels: Level 1, dignitaries and believers when participating in religious activities at the institution places of worship must comply with 5K, apply medical declaration technology, register and paste QR codes and guide to scan QR codes at religious establishments to ensure good epidemic prevention. Level 2, Level 3, restrict non-essential mass religious activities at places of worship. The level of radical cessation of all religious activities.

The organization of concentrated religious activities at places of worship or lawful places must ensure professional conditions as prescribed by the Ministry of Health (such as vaccines, testing) and comply with regulations. determine the number, scale, duration and scope of activities under the guidance of local authorities.

3. For religious establishments that have mobilized, used and isolated Covid-19 patients by the government when they no longer need them, disinfecting measures must be taken to ensure their operation. normal activities, return to safety to serve needs, religious beliefs, in accordance with regulations on epidemic levels.

Mobilizing dignitaries, devotees with medical expertise, and administrators of Tue Tinh Street to continue to coordinate medical examination and treatment facilities and drug rooms with local authorities to prevent epidemics and take care of people’s health. people, contributing to ensuring social security.

4. Instruct volunteers of all religions, after participating in the support of the anti-epidemic front, to return to their localities to comply with the regulations on isolation and health monitoring according to the regulations of the concerned authorities. encouraging and praising the efforts and contributions of volunteers to the community, creating the spread of humanistic and charitable values ​​of religions in society.

5. With the spirit of love and sharing, when conditions permit, their ritual religions should organize prayer courses for those who have lost their lives during the recent pandemic, contributing to part to ease the pain, loss and give mental strength to stabilize life.

6. In the coming time, many religious activities will take place such as: The 40th Anniversary of the founding of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha; Catholic and Protestant Christmas; term congresses of Cao Dai Churches; The provincial Buddhist congress and other religions… will attract a large number of religious dignitaries and religious compatriots. Leaders of religious organizations soon have instructions through ceremonies, media pages, and Church websites to inform and propagate the Government’s regulations on epidemic prevention and control, and guide the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Health. Internal Affairs (Government Committee for Religious Affairs) and regulations of the local government, enhance the responsibility of religious dignitaries in epidemic prevention, do not believe, do not listen to misrepresentations about the situation and work. Covid-19 prevention and control.


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