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The largest pure gold Buddha statue, considered the national treasure of Thailand, is estimated to date back about 800 years, undergoing many upheavals of history.

The pure gold Buddha statue weighs 5.5 tons.

Amitabha Buddha statue is 48m high, inlaid with 48 kg of gold

Today, a pure gold Buddha image is displayed by Thailand at Wat Traimit in Bangkok. Any visitor to Thailand can go to the Golden Buddha Temple to witness firsthand the pure gold Buddha image.

The statue is nearly 4 meters high and 3 meters wide, containing pure gold weighing up to 5.5 tons. Behind this 800-year-old Buddha statue is a thrilling story.

Historians estimate the Buddha was cast during the Sukhothai kingdom (1230-1430). When the Thais moved the capital to Ayutthaya, Buddha statues were also transported.

Before the Burmese invasion of Siam in 1765, Buddha covered with a thick layer of concrete to hide its true value.

The Golden Buddha is considered the national treasure of Thailand.

The Golden Buddha is considered the national treasure of Thailand.

After more than a year of fierce fighting and war, the Burmese army invaded the capital Ayutthaya, plundering all their possessions. The gold artifacts were melted down and brought back to Burma, only the pure gold Buddha image was camouflaged, so it remained intact.

The Golden Buddha lay in ruins in Ayutthaya for many years. In 1782, King Rama I ordered the construction of a new capital in Bangkok, where the terrain was easier to defend, and brought all the Buddha statues in the ancient capital to the new capital.

The Thai people transported this 5.5-ton Buddha to Bangkok via the Chao Phraya River.

For 100 years, the following golden Buddha was located at Wat Chotanaram, no one knows the true value of the statue behind the concrete.

In 1935, the Thai people transferred the Golden Buddha image to the current Wat Traimit temple. Wat Traimit was not yet famous at that time, keeping a Buddha image like other ordinary statues.

The secret of the ancient cave containing thousands of “thousand-year” Buddha statues

20 years later, the Thai people know about the real value of the Buddha statue.

In 1955, the golden Buddha was moved from its simple storage to a new building. The craftsmen used a pulley system with a strong rope to move the 5.5-ton statue. The incident occurred when the rope broke, causing the Buddha statue to fall to the ground, revealing the glittering gold inside.

After completely removing the cement layer, the workers discovered that the golden statue was cast in 9 parts, which can be disassembled for easy transportation.

Since then, the golden Buddha has been placed in a solemn place at Wat Traimit, becoming one of the three national treasures of great significance in Thailand.

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