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On October 28, 2021, the Bo De Tam County Volunteer group visited and helped 7-month-old Tang Quoc Khanh, suffering from blood infection and pneumonia in Me Rach E hamlet, Dai An commune, Tra Cu district, Tra Vinh province.

Saving people in critical times, great merit

Ms. H Diep, the mother of Tang Quoc Khanh, said that her baby’s condition when drinking milk was vomiting, lying still and unable to turn over like many other children due to poor health. The family’s situation is very difficult, her husband, Tang Van Quoc, is an unstable income supporter, and the baby unfortunately suffers from blood infection and pneumonia. Therefore, the family is not able to take the baby to the doctor and get treatment in time.

The Bodhi Mind Group visited and helped baby Tang Quoc Khanh with blood infection


Witnessing the family’s situation in need of attention and support, the Bodhi Tam group strongly mobilized sponsors to join hands to help and give the family an amount of 7 million dong, so that the family could have more money to take care of the family. children go to treatment early.

Through this, the group of Bodhi Tam County mobilized benefactors to continue to join hands to support and source hospital fees to help baby Tang Quoc Khanh receive proper treatment and get well soon.


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