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On the morning of October 29, 2021 (on September 24, Tan Ox year), at the main hall of Bich Thuong Pagoda (Gia Vien, Ninh Binh), the ceremony of the groom Nguyen Duy Quang (PD: Tinh Quang) – the bride. Nguyen Thi Hien Anh (PD: Lien An) was held in a joyful and warm atmosphere.

Feast of Consent: a form of education for family life and happiness

Proving that the ceremony was attended by Venerable Thich Tam Giai – Abbot of Bich Thuong Pagoda and the attendance of parents and relatives of both sides who came to celebrate with the bride and groom on this special occasion.

Before performing the ritual, the venerable and virtuous leaders and the entire assembly stood in front of the Buddha platform to burn incense and white Buddha, praying for blessings for the young couple.

Under the guidance of the Venerable presiding over the couple, the bridegroom and the bride performed traditional ceremonies such as offering tea, worshiping the Three Jewels, and paying respects to parents on both sides.


On this occasion, the newlyweds and the newlyweds listened to Venerable Thich Tam explain the morality of husband and wife and the meaning of the ceremony. The Venerable recommends the bridegroom and bride to live fully her duties as a wife and husband, to be a good bride and groom and to build a happy family.

After meaningful words of encouragement, the two young people exchanged wedding rings, sealed their vows, made vows in front of the Three Jewels, and now the Zen Buddhas will try diligently to practice those teachings to have can live properly as a lay Buddhist, a filial son, a proper wife-husband.


The ceremony ended with the joy and happiness of the young couple with thanks and gratitude to the monks and attendees.

Continuity Ceremony: Beauty in Buddhist culture

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