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The life of the Buddha is very great, countless good things, we cannot learn all. The first reason is that I cannot know all to learn. No one has dared to claim to know all the good things of the Buddha.

We only know a part, so it is difficult to learn all. Another reason is that what is heard, learned, understood, but we cannot easily understand the full meaning of the Buddha’s intention in it. And the third thing, for example, if you are in Da Nang, doing noisy work, have never been to such a tranquil mountain scene, we cannot imagine or feel the feeling of purity. like the days I stayed here. Only those who have come here can feel it all.

Likewise, if we are not in the Buddha’s realm, we will not be able to see everything to follow. Only Buddha knows the Buddha realm. If not, it is not easy to fully understand the Buddha’s meaning, so it is difficult to learn all the good things from the Buddha. Until we become Buddhas, that day we cannot learn all the lessons from the life the Buddha wanted to teach us. Just know, the lesson from the life of the Buddha is very great. So today, within a limited scope, we only learn lessons that are close, simple, and just enough that we can understand, feel and apply.

Why can a Buddha’s teachings be suitable for all levels of understanding?

Peace of mind is enough to overcome challenges and barriers in life.

1. Unique self-esteem

Perhaps most of you have an understanding of life history Buddha Shakyamuni so you don’t repeat it. Just review a few points for us to follow. He was a prince named Siddhartha, also known as Siddhartha, which means “one who is satisfied”. Because through many expectations, King Tinh Sanh had only one prince, the King was very precious, so he named it. Newly born, the Prince walked on seven lotus flowers, one hand pointed to the sky, the other pointed to the earth, said:

Heaven, heaven,

Unique self.

The world necessarily,

Birth, old age, sickness, death.

It means “In the sky, under the sky, only I is the best. The whole world is governed by birth, old age, sickness, and death.” “Only me above all”, the word TA is not the self that is born and dies, not the body of these four elements, but the word TA here is the wisdom, the Buddha mind, the enlightenment. When he was born, the first thing he announced to everyone was that in heaven, under heaven, only humans are enlightened, only enlightenment is paramount. In addition, all other things belong only to birth, old age, sickness, and death, that is, only impermanent, perishable, unreal, nothing precious. More specifically, leaving enlightenment, everything you do will fall into impermanence, change, and illusion.

Once, you met a man who said: “Born into the world, everyone has their own ideal and any ideal is good.” We all have our own ideals and every ideal has its good side. But if it is said that all is good, it seems to be general, so the teachers are not very satisfied. We need to test and re-check our life ideals so as not to be mistaken. Specifically, each of us has the right to choose for ourselves an ideal of life and every day we are living with that ideal. But is that ideal big enough to protect his life or not? This you can test in three cases:

1. When you meet a happy thing, do you still feel normal in your heart as if nothing happened?

If it is still normal, then the ideal of living it will be big enough to protect itself. Because being too happy is not normal, it is emotional. If we are emotional, we will be weak. Weak mind is easily dominated, uncontrolled, leading to suffering. As for suffering, that ideal has not been able to protect us. For example, we are excited and enthusiastic about a certain job that we consider important and interesting. Suddenly someone opposes, blocks, does the opposite of our ideas, we will be dissatisfied, frustrated, give up. On the contrary, the same job, but I do it in peace. If someone stops us, we will calm down, find a way to convince, overcome, that option will be feasible, leading to great success. Thus, excitement, enthusiasm it is only one-way. But because he is a dynamic general, he makes himself weak, not strong enough to overcome obstacles.

Peace of mind is enough to overcome challenges and barriers in life. In the same way, when we meet a happy scene that we are happy with, that is the heart. Over time, this emotion becomes a habit and becomes strength, so when we encounter suffering, we cannot control ourselves and will also suffer. So when we meet a happy scene that we can feel happy, when we are sad we will also be moved and sad, suffering from that. If people live with a certain ideal, but when they meet happy things, they are still normal, happy gently, quietly, their mind does not move. It is this immobile energy that gives us a great sense of power, our sufferings are no longer valid, we are always happy. It is the ideal of enlightenment that will qualify correctly, protecting your life from suffering.

2. Second, the ideal we live must be enough, when we encounter suffering, we are still normally not suffering, or less suffering, not suffering so much that it is too much to bear.

Well then, that ideal has benefits and is qualified to protect himself. For example, when you wake up early in the morning, something is not right. When you go to the office, you get frustrated. After a while, I met an unhappy thing, and then the nonsense things came rushing back to make me uncomfortable. Once we are touched a little, by the afternoon we will be stressed, irritable, extremely weak. When we are tired, our mind becomes weaker and more stressed and frustrated. The more stressed you are, the more frustrated your mind becomes. Just like that, the frustration grew bigger and bigger and led to suffering.

If we have just had an unpleasant thought, we correct it immediately, our mind will return to the original peaceful state, the second and third unpleasant things have no place to continue, we are peaceful. So no one, nothing can make you suffer. Right at that first thought, we look back and neutralize it, our mind becomes calm, the power of enlightenment comes from there. Over time this enlightenment power grows, sufferings are naturally eliminated, we are happy forever. It shows that this enlightened power is an ideal big enough to protect oneself forever and ever.

3. And the final criterion is the ideal of living a whole life so that when we close our eyes and die, we feel normal, stable, without any disturbance, anxiety, confusion or fear. ..

To say that is not to live to die, to serve death. But because death is something everyone feels great and afraid of, so measure it with your ideal to see if that ideal is big enough to master life and death. With enlightenment, the Buddhas, Patriarchs, and predecessors have eloquently demonstrated for a peaceful and free departure. Just see, how great is the power of enlightenment!

If a stable ideal is large enough to protect the above three criteria, then you have chosen for yourself a correct and accurate ideal. On the contrary, if we choose a way of life in which, when we encounter these three events, we are still influenced by it, the other ideal cannot protect us. It is that we have chosen an unrealistically beneficial lifestyle, an unwarranted ideal.

When children want to ask for something from their parents, they often look at their parents’ facial expressions and eyes that day. If you are happy, you know that your heart is at peace and will be ready to give. One morning when you wake up with a peaceful, gentle mind, everything will be fine. No matter how things come to me, I feel normal and solved very smoothly. On the contrary, with an unstable, chaotic, and angry state of mind, it is easy to get angry with anything and do anything wrong. We just saw how necessary that quiet state of mind is for our lives.

Buddha and the great vow to teach sentient beings

Enlightenment is a state of mind that is completely self-clearing. A person who always lives with a bright, quiet, unmoving mind is an enlightened person. He will have a source of boundless happiness. Living with that mind, it is big enough for all scenes to become normal, no longer enough to dominate that enlightened person. As you can see, enlightenment comes first. That is the spirit of the Buddha said: “Only self is unique.”

1/ With a happy scene: If every day, in every action, you always live with a calm mind, enlightened, not too active. If you practice for a long time into a habit, it will form an invisible energy source, creating the necessary strength. When we encounter a happy scene, we are also not easy to move. Even when he is not moving, his body is steady, lucid, alert, peaceful, and joyful. Since then, looking at everything is fresh, my heart is wider, looking at everyone with an open mind, easier to give… That has proven an ideal of life that has served me and others well, is a true ideal.

2/ With the scene of suffering: Also live with a calm mind, enlightenment, and boundless peace. When we encounter suffering, contrary to our heart, all of these are not big enough to make us suffer. So enlightenment has protected me already.

3/ With death: In any case, in any place, we always live with a quiet, enlightened, and peaceful mind throughout such a lifetime. Until we are about to close our eyes and die, that life force is very great, suddenly we feel that life and death are very normal, death is no longer enough to control us. Really peaceful, calm. If the daily strength is still small, not enough to be like that, it also makes us feel awake and safe. Seeing that this body is not really me, this scene is not my fixed, life is just a borrowed period to practice enlightenment… Then my mind is calm, lucid, knows the direction. As you can see, it is enlightenment that protects…


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