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Righteousness is not only the splendor of the form; Righteousness is also the stately majesty of natural expression.

Women must have a big vision. Having foresight, one can take on many great responsibilities; Only have a long-term vision, can radiate the brilliance of life. Illustration.

What is the reason for the beautiful and gracious appearance of women?

Publisher Vuong Luc Hanh Cultural Publishing House, Vuong Hieu Lan Newspaper Union publisher, and Truong Ngoc Cam Literary Union publisher are all intellectual women that people respect. Now university professors have a lot of women, even have appeared university presidents, like Ma Xun is the president of Huafan University, Taiwan. Previously, Trieu Le Van was the principal of Fo Quang University, Taiwan. Rector of Princeton University, USA is Ms. Shirley M.Tilghman. The first president of the University of Pennsylvania, USA was Ms. Judith Rodin. They were all excellent female scholars.

I recommend women should go out into society. Go out into society to get the world, go out to society to get the world, go out to society to get the future. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to dress up with an open back, wear flamboyant makeup, or wear a graceful beauty to catch the eyes of men, but rather show off your strengths. Inner virtues such as thoughtfulness, hard work (calm), tenderness, compassion and wisdom of a woman.

Women can do a lot of things, not necessarily the only way is to get married. Now there are a lot of single aristocrats, living alone all their lives, living celibacy. In the past, women seemed to have to get married and get married as their job. So many women live in the kitchen all their lives, busy all day from cooking, washing, to taking care of children. These actions are like the vocation of women. I also often hear people say, “Women should do those things.”

I think such claims are completely untrue. Women’s intelligence is not inferior to men’s. The characteristics of women such as thoughtfulness, delicacy, tenderness and benevolence can make them very well engaged in work in various fields such as culture, education, health care, media. and service. Women take tenderness as their forte; need to win the reins. Basically, what men can do, women can also do. For example, before joining the army, flying airplanes were all “exclusive” of men; now there are not only female soldiers, female pilots, but also female officers, female police officers, female prosecutors, even female presidents. In the past, even doctors – farmers – industry – trade were done by men, now women can also do it.

Women’s ingenuity and intelligence, which are noble qualities, will add beautiful colors to the world; A woman’s virtue and patience is the greatest strength in the world. Women need to promote a gentle and gentle temperament, the so-called “striking person who can’t fight a smiley person” (舉手不打笑臉人), which means that when you raise your hand, you don’t have the heart to hit someone who is smiling. The beauty and honesty of women are far more than that of men. Men are quite straightforward and liberal, while women are meticulous and thoughtful; Men are more rational, women are emotional; Men tend to be strong, women are generally gentle (mild). When men encounter difficult things, they will find ways to overcome those difficulties, bravely move forward, showing the spirit of a courageous person; But a woman’s patience and humility can turn tensions into peace and harmony, which men sometimes can’t. Men are creative, adventurous, and flexible, but sometimes need a woman’s ingenuity to make up for their impatience. The two sides combine and complement each other.

Status of women in Buddhist scriptures

In the opinion of ordinary people, men show masculine and strong beauty. Although in the world of men, there is no shortage of tall people, handsome and liberal, majestic style…, but the beauty of women is beautiful, the natural beauty of a girl. Men can’t compare. In the past, many writers and guests used their talented pen to describe the graceful and graceful figure of a woman, leaving behind many timeless masterpieces. With comedy, the young male roles in classical opera, originally male is the best choice, but the female role is played by the young male role, the makeup is even more beautiful. The more apocalyptic gestures are, the more they can be liked by the audience, so ca zi hy, royal mai tune (hì), opera (commentary drama) in folk opera, to historical drama above. On television, male roles are always played by women, mainly because women have more beautiful faces than men.

Women easily make people like to be close, not only because of the beauty on the outside, but most importantly, have a kind heart. I think that modern women, especially, should have an open mind, have an ambition to tolerate the world, and need to get rid of women’s habits, shortcomings, envy, and narrow stomach. They not only need to have a peaceful attitude towards their family members, live in harmony with those in the family, but also need to go out into society to be humble, to promote compassion and wisdom. They need to participate in charitable activities such as medical examination and treatment, raising children, taking care of the elderly; or work as an educator in talent education and training institutions; or write books to express their positions and doctrines; participate in cultural cause to enrich society and enlighten the world. In short, women must have a big vision. Having foresight, one can take on many great responsibilities; Only have a long-term vision, can radiate the brilliance of life.

Translated by Nha Tue

(Source: Tinh Van (2017), The world is the ultimate in the force of patience, Hunan Culture Publishing House – Truong Sa, pp.4-6)


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