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At 20:00, on November 19, 2021, the Standing Committee of the Executive Committee of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha province, together with the monastic facilities in the province, unanimously performed the candlelight ceremony in memory of the deceased compatriots, officials , a soldier who died during the Covid-19 pandemic took place at Vien Minh Pagoda, An Hoi ward, Ho Chi Minh City. Ben tre.

Quang Lam and presiding over the ceremony were HT.Thich Nhut Tan – Standing UV member of the TSSC, Deputy Head of the Central Supervisory Board, President of the Central Committee of Public Security, Head of the Buddhist Sangha of Ben Tre Province; DD.Thich Nguyen Bao – Deputy Secretary of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha BTS in the province, Permanent Deputy of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha BTS in Ho Chi Minh City. Ben tre; DD.Thich Van Binh – Chief Secretary of the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha in Giong Trom district, teacher and general manager of the Redemptorist School of Ben Tre province; With the presence of 40 Boarding Students of Ben Tre Provincial General School.

The World Health Organization and international public opinion have recognized and highly appreciated Vietnam in the prevention and control of the Covid-19 epidemic – Having such results, it is necessary to mention the epidemic prevention efforts from the country’s leadership. The leadership of the Party, the State and the heroes at the forefront have bravely, decisively fought and won to repel the Covid-19 pandemic. In which, many soldiers, officers, medical staff and Vietnamese people have died because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

This is a huge loss and loss, in order to ease the pain of families whose loved ones have died from Covid-19 and pray for the souls of the departed. In the spirit of communion of the memorial ceremony, at 20:00 – the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha’s Council of Brothers issued an official letter recommending that all the Executive Boards of the provinces, cities and monastic establishments in the area stop all activities and spend a minute of remembrance with the ceremony. The ceremony to invite the general public, light candles to pray and remember the compatriots who have died during the pandemic – This is also the message of spreading love and compassion, encouraging the spirit of the forces that have been participating in the pandemic. Covid-19 prevention and control at the forefront of Vietnam; At the same time, promoting the tradition of great solidarity, the unyielding will of the nation, overcoming difficulties and challenges, adapting safely and flexibly in effective control of the Covid-19 epidemic.


At the ceremony, Most Venerable Thich Nhut Tan gave a couple of words of advice to the monks of Vien Minh Pagoda: “…In the spirit of responding to the call of leaders at all levels and implementing Official Letter No. 283/HDTS-VP1- V /v respond to and organize a memorial ceremony for compatriots who died due to the Covid-19 epidemic. Today’s residence at Vien Minh pagoda is the office of the Executive Board of the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha in the province and the Ben Tre Provincial School of Buddhist Studies – The monks have gathered here to attend the 4th course of the Intermediate Buddhist School; On this occasion, please keep your heart pure, solemnly light candles to pray, and be grateful to the Soldiers, Doctors and nurses who sacrificed their lives at the front and compatriots who died because of the Covid-19 pandemic. The memorial ceremony aims to encourage the spirit of great solidarity, the unyielding will of the whole nation, to overcome difficulties and challenges facing the pandemic – the organization of a memorial ceremony is to show the responsibility of children. Buddha to the country in the spirit of Four Gratitude. The pandemic is a big event, which is also the birth, death, and impermanence that the Buddha’s teachings taught, monks, please look at that and be alert, diligent, receptive, and learn not to lose sight of a path. self-study…”

After the lecture, shimmering candles were passed from the Venerable Master to the congregation to begin the memorial, gratitude and miraculous ceremony for the deceased fellow spirits, officials and staff. Pioneers, soldiers, doctors and nurses have sacrificed themselves for the people during the Covid-19 pandemic.


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