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Show compassion for all sentient beings and contribute together with the local government to solve difficulties for people living in isolation and blockade.

In October 2021, Sister Thich Nu Nhu Lien and Buddhists combined with communes: Vinh Hiep, Hoa Dong, Vinh Hai, Khanh Hoa Ward and Ward 2 to distribute more than 4,000 gifts including: nearly 40 tons of rice, 3,495 boxes of instant noodles, 3,000 boxes of sardines, 1,000 bottles of 1-liter cooking oil, 4,000 bottles of soy sauce, 1,000 bottles of fish sauce and 1 ton of sugar. In addition, in the most difficult places, an additional envelope of 200,000 VND was given each. The total amount is more than 1 billion 200 million VND.

Sister Thich Nu Nhu Lien and other Buddhists give gifts to support.

Currently, the Vihara is still receiving the kind hearts of Buddhists near and far, to share with people in places where new outbreaks have arisen. In addition, every night, nuns and Buddhists also recite sutras to pray for the epidemic to disappear quickly and for peace to come to all places.

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