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On the morning of November 14, 2021 (on October 10, Tan Ox year), at Tue Duc Zen Monastery (Dong Que commune, Song Lo district, Vinh Phuc province) solemnly held the Buddhist Delegate Congress of Song Lo district. term 2021 – 2026.

Attending and proving the Congress was Delegate. Thich Thanh Lam – Central Committee of the Communist Youth Union, Deputy Secretary of the Central Committee of the Buddhist Sangha of Vinh Phuc province; TT.Thich Minh Phap – Deputy Head of the Provincial Buddhist Sangha; DD.Thich Tam Vuong, Vice Chairman cum Chief Secretary, Head of Provincial Department of Buddhist Information & Communication; TT.Thich Thanh Phuong – UV BTT, Head of the Buddhist Sangha of Tam Dao district; TT.Thich Tinh Thuan – UV BTT, Head of the PG BTS, Head of the Organizing Committee of the Song Lo District Buddhist Congress; SC.Thich Nu Vien Dang – UV BTT, Deputy Secretary of the Chief Office of the Provincial PG BTS and representatives of the Honorable Monks and Heads of BTS in all districts in the province; The abbots, Buddhists representing pagodas and monasteries in Song Lo district attended.

The representative of the government was Mr. Vu Van Bang – Vice Chairman of the Provincial Fatherland Front Committee; Mr. Nguyen Manh Ha – Deputy Head of the Organizing Committee for Propaganda and Education of the Provincial Fatherland Front Committee; Mr. Tran Tuan Anh – Deputy Director of Provincial Department of Home Affairs; Ms. Nguyen Thi Huong Lan – Deputy Head of Religious Affairs Department of Provincial Department of Home Affairs; Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Hung – Deputy Head of Internal Security Department of Provincial Police; Mr. Trieu Van Chuc – District Member, Vice Chairman of Song Lo District People’s Committee; Ms. Bui Thi Van – Vice President of the People’s Union of Song Lo District; Mr. Mac The Tuan – Vice Chairman of Dong Que Commune People’s Committee; with relevant levels and departments to attend and give congratulatory flowers.


After performing the ritual of reciting the Buddha’s blessing, on behalf of the organizing committee of the congress TT.Thich Tinh Thuan – Head of the Song Lo District Buddhist Sangha BTS, the Head of the Conference Organizing Committee made a statement to read the opening speech of the District Buddhist Delegate Congress. Song Lo 3rd, term 2021 – 2026. Immediately after announcing the opening of the congress, the Executive Board of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha of Song Lo district received congratulatory bouquets of flowers from the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha BTS in the districts in the province and leaders of the local authorities. grant.

Then, SC.Thich Dam Minh – Deputy Head of the Buddhist Sangha of Song Lo district presented the Draft Report summarizing the Buddhist work of the district Buddhist Sangha, the term 2016 – 2021 and the direction of Buddhist activities for the term 2021 – 2026. According to the draft report of the Congress, Song Lo district currently has 33 large and small temples with more than 60 monks and nuns. During the 2016-2021 term, the district’s Executive Board of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha has achieved remarkable achievements in such aspects as: The organization and operation of the BTS; Dharma propagation, restoration and embellishment of pagodas; Charity – social work…


On this occasion, the Executive Board of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha in Song Lo district was honored to receive a certificate of merit for the collective and individual monks, nuns, and typical Buddhists who have made achievements in Buddhist work in the past 5 years. Buddhist BTS of Vinh Phuc Province and Song Lo District People’s Committee.

On behalf of the BTS Song Lo district, TT.Thich Tinh Thuan announced the decision to terminate the staff for the 2016-2021 term. The Congress agreed to nominate 21 members to join the 3rd Song Lo District Executive Board of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha. period 2021 – 2026 (including 7 members of the UBCV and 14 members. TT.Thich Tinh Thuan continues to hold the position of Head of the district UBCV for the new term.


Right after agreeing on the new list of personnel, TT.Thich Tinh Thuan – Head of BTS Song Lo district spoke on behalf of BTS members to accept the task, promising to try to comply with the Charter and regulations. of the Church, the regulations of the Song Lo district BTS have been set out and implemented strictly in accordance with the regulations of the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha of Vinh Phuc province in the spirit of the six republics, doing their best to fulfill the responsibilities that the Congress has believed in and entrust.

From the Board of Directors at the Congress, Venerable Thich Thanh Lam expressed his joy, and at the same time praised the merits of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha BTS in Song Lo district for the 2016-2021 term, which has achieved remarkable achievements and successfully completed the tasks. Buddhist activities proposed by BTS. Venerable Thich Thanh Lam hopes that the new BTS in the next term will continue to promote and inherit the achieved results and successfully complete the direction of activities that BTS has set out. At the same time, coordinate with local authorities to do well in social security work, repair and embellish pagodas.


Closing the ceremony, on behalf of the University Organizing Committee, TT. Thich Tinh Thuan has sent blessings of merit to the venerable religious leaders of the Executive Board of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha of Vinh Phuc province and the leaders of the authorities at all levels for their interest, help, support, and creating favorable conditions for the Buddhist Sangha. Song Lo district has achieved complete achievements.

The congress ended at 11:00 a.m. on the same day in the spirit of frankness, solidarity and harmony in the joy of the venerable monks, nuns and delegates to attend the congress.


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