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In the past few years, many young couples have celebrated Hang Thuan in the temple. This is a special wedding ceremony held in the spiritual and religious space of Buddhism. “Hang” is forever, “Thuan” is harmony, love and sympathy.

Hang Thuan festival is a ceremony conducted under the witness of the venerable deities, blessing the young couple with peace and happiness for life.

Holding the Hang Thuan ceremony at the temple, on the one hand, preserves the national culture, on the other hand, effectively promotes the intellectual and moral foundation, orienting people to live usefully in family and social life. festival. Holding the Hang Thuan ceremony at the temple is a bridge between religion and life, a smooth blend of traditional culture, national morality and Buddhist spirituality.

Therefore, on the morning of November 10, 2021, on October 6, Tan Suu, at Tang Phuc pagoda (Thuong Thanh ward, Long Bien district, Hanoi) a solemn ceremony of the young couple Dao took place. Cong Anh – legal name Phuc Thanh and Nguyen Bao Yen – legal name Dieu Tam.

Hang Thuan festival is a ceremony conducted under the witness of the venerable deities, blessing the young couple with peace and happiness for life.

The ceremony was under the witness of Venerable Thich Thanh Doan – Abbot of Tho Vuc Pagoda (Nam Dinh); Venerable Thich Giac Tri – Abbot of Dia Pagoda (Dong Anh District, Hanoi); Nun Thich Dong Hoa – Abbot of Tang Phuc Pagoda (Hanoi); Monk Thich Hien Thao – Abbot of Bo De Pagoda (Hung Yen); Monk Thich Dam Phuc – Abbot of Phuc Khanh Pagoda (Soc Son District, Hanoi) and monks and nuns of the monastery, and the attendance of relatives on both sides of the family.

Before performing the ritual, the young couple was proven by the Venerable Master and the monks and nuns took refuge in the Three Jewels and transmitted the Five Precepts to serve as a guideline for their present life. The newlyweds listened to the Venerable Thich Thanh Doan explain the morality of husband and wife according to the Buddha’s teachings. From the meaning of the ceremony, the Venerable explained the two words Hang Thuan. Constant is usually, is always. Convenience is harmony. Peace is the root of peace and happiness. A family that is always in harmony is a happy family. The Venerable Master encouraged the bridegroom and bride to live fully her duties as a wife and husband, to be a good bride and groom and to build a happy family.

Next, the young couple read the marriage vows and exchanged wedding rings in front of the proof of the blessings of the venerable and virtuous gods, gave thanks to the Three Jewels, thanked their parents, and honored each other with respect for equality. . In the sacred space, the young couple received the light of wisdom from the Buddha’s altar, together they lit the warm shimmering candles wishing for their love to be as passionate as the beginning. The words of thanks from the representatives of the families of the two sides closed the solemn but warm and humane ceremony, with the loving message of the father, “You should practice what you do. made a vow in front of the majestic Three Jewels, taught by the teachings of the teachers, follow that to perfect your life… Parents wish them both a happy, beautiful, faithful, and childlike life. filial piety, live a holy life and advance on the path of enlightenment towards a good future”.

The blessing gifts of both sides of the family will be like a sincere prayer in front of the Buddha, hoping that the Three Jewels will bless the two young people with “One hundred years of perfect love, silver hair of a spouse”.

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