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The Central Committee of Culture of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha would like to inform the Honorable Monks and Buddhists who have aspirations.

+ Invocation: “Unification Recitation Course”

– Please contact Thien Phuc Buddhist, Standing Member of the Central Committee for Culture:

– Phone number: +84 91 2435301

+ Some legal uniforms have been agreed:

– Please contact Buddhist Chon Phuong, Deputy Head of Communication, Central Culture Department:

– Tel: 091 6100339


Current Vietnamese Buddhist dharma

– We hope that Ton Duc and Buddhists who are members of the Central Committee for Culture and the Cultural Committees of the 63 provinces and cities happily disseminate and spread this Recitation and Dharma Dress approved and approved by the Church. , so that the research results of the Central Committee for Culture and the policy of the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha’s Council are: Wearing the uniform and chanting in unison of the Vietnam Buddhist Church will soon become a reality.

Best regards!

Most Venerable Thich Tho Lac

Head of the Central Culture Department


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