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To celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the founding of the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha, on the afternoon of November 6, 2021 (October 2, Tan Suu), the Executive Board of the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha in Quang Nam province handed over the house of love to Ms. Le Thi Minh Xuan, residing in the commune. Tam Thanh, Phu Ninh district.

The handover ceremony of the house of love was attended by HT.Thich Thien Thanh – UV of the TS, Head of the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha BTS in Quang Nam province; DA.Thich Vien Trung – UVDK HDTS, Deputy Committee and Chief Secretary of the Provincial Buddhist Sangha, Head of the Buddhist Sangha of Phu Ninh District; NT.Thich Nu Giai Thien – Provincial Buddhist Youth Union, Head of the Nun Sub-Committee of Quang Nam; NT.Thich Nu Cong Lien – Provincial Buddhist Youth Union, Head of the Provincial Buddhist Charity Department, and the venerable VP of the Provincial Church; representatives of local authorities and people attended.

Giving a table of funding to support the construction of Mrs. Minh Xuan’s house

At the house handover ceremony, Most Venerable Thich Thien Thanh congratulated and encouraged Ms. Le Thi Minh Xuan to try to overcome difficulties to stabilize her life.

Ms. Le Thi Minh Xuan has a particularly difficult situation and belongs to a poor household. The house was built on Mrs. Xuan’s land, completed after 6 months of construction. Provincial Buddhist BTS and the government support 165 million VND.

It is known that the funding this time is mobilized by the Provincial Buddhist Charity Committee and the Quang Nam Nuns Sub-Committee. On this occasion, the provincial Buddhist monks also gave meaningful gifts to encourage disadvantaged households in the locality.


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