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When he was still a bodhisattva in the Tusita heaven, the Buddha observed and saw the full convergence of the five conditions necessary for him to be reborn in the Saha realm.

It was the right time for him to be born in this world, the land where he would impart his teachings, the caste of the lineage he would give birth to, the royal family and the mother to whom he would send his reincarnation.

Christmas time

First, the Buddha observed that the time of his birth would be at an age when human life span would only last about 100 years. During this period, people are burned by their own negative emotions more than at any other stage in the Aeon. Therefore, immeasurable compassion urged him to be born in this special period to teach the path of liberation to all the impure, suffering beings who are drowning in the sea of ​​birth and death. On the other hand, this period is still in the aeon of the Aeon because in this time there are a thousand Buddhas who appear and teach the Dharma one by one, so in fact, this is also a fortunate period.

Bodhisattva Protectorate (predecessor of Buddha Shakyamuni) from the Tusita heaven, observed the Sa Ba realm

Experiencing Buddha’s Youth

Christmas place

The Buddha observed that the city of Kapilavastu, a Brahmin Indian emirate, was a place where a large number of Brahmins studied and practiced according to the four canon of scriptures. Veda. It was also from here, at this time, that eighteen powerful clerics of the pagan schools spread their teachings throughout the population of India. Especially in this area, the land of Makita, a neighboring kingdom of the Kapilavastus, was blessed by a thousand Buddhas who came and blessed them, and the Kapilavastus. is considered the center from which to spread the Dharma everywhere. The Buddha decided to be born in this important area, where there was a favorable position for spreading the Dharma to all four directions.

Remains of the Kapilavastu (India)

Remains of the Kapilavastu (India)

The rank of the Buddha’s family will give birth

The third observation is about the caste selection for His birth. Being born in the noblest class is very important for the Buddha to have favorable conditions to teach the Dharma to all social classes after he attained enlightenment in a human body. If he had chosen parents from a low class, with an extremely profound caste distinction, the Brahmins would not have let him approach nor listen to him preaching the Dharma. Therefore, he carefully chose to be born into the Brahmin caste, which was the highest class in Indian society at that time.

Classes in Ancient Indian Society

Classes in Ancient Indian Society

The fourth observation on the choice of family His Holiness will be born in is also very important. If He was born into a poor family or a merchant family, He would have no power or influence over the public. Therefore, he chose to be born into the royal line so that everyone from the commoner to the highest class could benefit from his teachings. He knew that with the title of a crown prince, the people would listen and most reverently obey His golden instructions. As the proverb says, the king is the supreme leader of the country, a single word of the king is respectfully obeyed more than a thousand sentences of others. Therefore, the Buddha chose to be born into one of the noblest royal families.

Parents Choice

Queen Ma Da dreamed of a six-tusked white statue offering a lotus flower when she was pregnant with the Crown Prince

Queen Ma Da dreamed of a six-tusked white statue offering a lotus flower when she was pregnant with the Crown Prince

The fifth observation on parental family selection is of great significance. The Buddha chose the noble and stable Shakyamuni clan, a pure and long-established line of Indian nobles at that time. Shakyamuni means “The one with power”, because he was born into this lineage, so he was called Shakyamuni Buddha. His mother, Queen Ma Da, in a past life when also a goddess in the Tusita heaven, prayed fervently that she would be reborn in the human realm and become the mother who gave birth to a Buddha. The power of fervent prayers brought her to be born into the Sakya clan and crowned queen, the wife of King Tinh San San. Immediately after Buddha was born, she passed away and was reborn in the Tusita heaven. So there are many reasons for the Buddha to choose this special mother to enter the human realm. The queen conceived the Buddha for ten months, corresponding to the ten attainments of the bodhisattva path. The scriptures record that the Buddha completed the ten bodhisattva results through ten months in the womb and was born with fully enlightened qualities.

On a full moon day, the future mother of the Buddha, Queen Ma Da, who was a princess of the Koliyan family – a branch of the Sakya clan, was observing the vesaka precepts. real), then Bodhisattva Siddhartha from the Tusita heaven in the form of a six-tusk white statue descended into her womb. At that time, elephants played a key role in war, transportation and were considered a powerful symbol of a country. In particular, the white elephant (white elephant) also represented the perfect wisdom and leadership power of the royal family. According to the customary military arrangement at that time, the king organized four teams of warriors, and the statue army was the first row. The vanguard acted as a strong shield, the second layer was the cavalry, followed by the chariots (combat vehicles), and the last rear was the infantry.

Entering one’s mother’s womb in the form of an elephant represents the power of Buddha’s compassion and wisdom. It also implies that he will win the battle against ignorance, by using the six tusks representing the six realms to overcome all obstacles, evil spirits, thereby promoting the perfect perfections including generosity, morality, patience, diligence, meditation, and wisdom.


In some Buddhist countries, the white elephant is considered a sacred and auspicious animal as it brings prosperity and blessings to the family as well as good fortune to the kingdom. The Brahmins worshiped elephants as the god of wealth, so the Buddha also appeared in the form of a precious elephant representing the good that his noble mother’s presence brought among other Brahmin families. in the kingdom. The Buddha’s mother dreamed of many auspicious omens, such as dreaming of a white elephant entering her body; dream of walking in the sky; dreamed of climbing high mountains, and dreamed of huge crowds prostrating before her.

The fact that Buddha was born is to dispel the darkness of ignorance and guide people out of suffering. People who want to be peaceful, happy and peaceful must first learn the ways that lead to extinguishing anger, greed, and delusion, because that is the root of evil energy. Buddha’s teachings help society to progress in culture and civilization, let people live in peace and harmony, enlighten humanity to overcome a world of darkness, hatred and suffering, towards a world of light, full of love and happiness.


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