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Contemplation of impermanence is one of the basic content of Buddhist practice. Everything around us is always moving, changing every minute, every second. Seeing so clearly to know that what we often mistakenly perceive as me and mine, is eternal and unchanging, in fact nothing is stable at all.

Realizing the fact that nothing is permanent is a difficult thing. It is even more difficult to establish a positive state of mind after understanding that fact. According to the Blessed One, thanks to the perception of impermanence, practitioners reduce craving, anger, and attachment; Thanks to clearly seeing the fragility of human life, I vow to immediately do what needs to be done, what is not good, let’s fix it up for the better.

Listening to the Blessed One teach about the practice of making the body, life and property, which are fragile things, become really strong:

“Once, the Buddha was in the country of Savatthi, in the Kyda forest, in the garden of Solitude.

Then the Blessed One said to the monks:

– There are three things that are unstable and essential. What is three? The body is not strong, the network is not stable, the property is not durable. That is, bhikkhus, there are three things that are not stable. Here, bhikkhu, of the three things that are not stable, one should find a means to achieve the three that are solid. What is three? Unstable bodies demand durability, unstable networks demand durability, unstable assets demand durability.

It is clear that there is nothing more durable to live better and lighter

What is impermanence?

What is the body that is not strong enough to be durable? Means humility, respect, visit at any time. That is an unstable body, pray for it to be strong.

What is an unstable network that needs to be durable? Here, if there are good men and good women, they will not kill living beings all their lives, do not add knives and sticks, are always ashamed, have compassion, think of all sentient beings, will not steal all their lives, and will always remember their fathers. charity, mind has no idea and regret; not lustful, nor lustful for a man’s wife; Life is not false words, often reciting sincere thoughts, not when lying to people. It’s a network that’s not durable and bridged.

What is a durable demand durable asset? If there are good men and good women, they often think of giving alms to Sa-Mons, Brahmins, and the poor; people who need to eat and drink, need to drink, clothes, food, bedding, medicine, illness, and citadels; all that is needed is given up; Thus, assets are not durable and demand for durability.

That is, bhikkhu, to seek these three things which are not stable.

The Blessed One then said the verse:

Knowing that the body is not stable

The network is also not stable

Property, legal depreciation

Should pray for sustainability

The human body is very difficult

The network does not stop for long

Property, the law of destruction

Happy giving.

At that time the bhikkhus, having heard the Buddha’s teaching, happily obeyed.

(A-ham Sutra, Volume I, Three Jewels, VNCPHVN Published, 1997, p.384)

It is clear that there is nothing more durable to live better and lighter

It is clear that there is nothing more durable to live better and lighter

Often in impermanence

Everyone knows that this body is not stable, because if the body is stable, we and everyone else will not grow up, neither will we be sick, nor will we be old. But some people mistakenly think that they will be healthy forever, strong inside and strong outside forces, so they are conceited, proud, conceited, and only know themselves. When diseases come to visit, the wind turns against the sky, the times change, they realize that this body is not as stable as they think they are. Therefore, people who often observe this body are not stable, do not behave like that, they live in humility, reverence and respect for each other, especially always caring for each other.

My life is the same, no one can know the next moment I will be left or lost. Seeing this truth clearly, we will tend to honor the moral values ​​(keeping the five precepts), love, forgive and be more tolerant.

The body can’t even be kept, let alone the body like property and money. Because it is clear that property is not sustainable, we learn to share. Instead of holding on to everything and eventually losing everything, they will open their arms. Giving really doesn’t lose, but on the contrary, giving is still, giving is more, and merit is sustainable in the future.

New or good, recognize the unstable but establish the sustainable. It is human love, morality and love, a sharing heart that is always sustainable in life. Although life is full of fluctuations, moral and spiritual values ​​remain unchanged, which is also the goal that Buddhists always aim for in this short life.


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