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“Teacher, I have read many times and memorized the sutras of the man who knows how to live alone.

There was a Buddhist far away, who had the heart to study Buddhism, asked: Teacher, I read many times and memorized the sutras. You know how to live alone, but read it over and over and still don’t understand, what is a person who knows how to live alone? I hope you can teach me.

Teacher said:

Son, can you ever stand and walk on someone else’s feet? And can I live in peace?

People live in the world, most often think, must depend on someone, on something new.

In fact, if you want to live in true peace and happiness, you must practice knowing how to be at peace when you are alone (without any other external conditions) still at peace.

Anything that requires external conditions will have seeds of insecurity and suffering.

Only when we know how to live peacefully alone can we truly know peace. At that time, if there are other favorable conditions, such as love, care, and support from relatives and friends, the happier and more peaceful. But we have to know that, those things that care about and help us are not always in our favor, sometimes they have the opposite effect, causing trouble for ourselves.

The most important thing is that no one really helps me, I still know how to create positive peace for myself.

People who know how to live alone

When we are sick, when we are old and weak, especially when we retire from this life, we must go alone, no matter how much our parents, spouses, children, friends, and relatives love us. If you can’t help me, you can’t even go with me. At that time, who do we depend on if not ourselves.

The most important thing is that no one really helps me, I still know how to create positive peace for myself.

Only by making efforts to practice wholesome dharmas, study Buddhism, listen to sutras, do meritorious deeds, and meditate to develop concentration, virtue, and wisdom, can we truly be at peace, there is no other way.

The heart promises itself, absolutely not creating evil dharmas, not causing harm to all sentient beings, humans and nature in both words, actions and thoughts. By doing so, we have eliminated the source, the cause of our suffering.

So you have to practice living alone to truly understand life. Even the Buddha and the great teachers are the guides, but to go to peace and happiness, we must walk with our own feet and the Buddha cannot walk like that.

After listening to the teacher’s explanation, the Buddhist understood and said:

I have understood this truth and will practice how to live mindfully, clearly in the present and know how to live peacefully alone.

Live peacefully

Be alone

Steady steps

Peaceful happiness

Fun towards the top

DD. Dr. Thich Hanh Tue


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