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Zen master Hakuin in Japan had a disciple. This person often comes to complain that his father, despite his advanced age, is busy working to earn money and refuses to meditate at all. Every time he reminded him, he insisted: “If you make money from your spiritual practice, tell me, otherwise, don’t do it!”

One day, listening to his disciple’s concern, Zen Master Hakuin said, “This afternoon I will go back to my father and tell him: Venerable Hakuin is too busy with work to be able to practice as he wishes. You asked me to find a monk to hire. For every ten strings of recitation of the Buddha’s name is one mandarin of money. Need to choose an elderly person like his father. The employee can get paid every day or every week.”

The disciple returned to tell his father. Realizing that this was a profitable business, the old man enthusiastically accepted. In addition, in addition to ten strings of reciting Buddha’s name for money, he also happily gave the Venerable Master two more strings.

We recite the Buddha’s name with different motives, but if we diligently recite the Buddha’s name, the blessing is great.

The contract was signed, the old man went to the temple to receive money every day. Later, in order not to waste time, he saved it for weeks to receive.

After a while, he did not come to receive the money. The son followed the Venerable Master’s teachings, let the old father do as he wished. In addition to three meals, the old man sat neatly in front of the Buddha’s temple and “worked for him”. Until one day, he saw that his father had almost stopped praying the rosary, his eyes were slightly closed, his breathing was even and gentle. The son immediately came to inform the Venerable Master.

Zen Master Bai Yin came to the place to observe. Seeing that the old man has a slightly tilted figure, due to his age, his face is ruddy. His face reflected a disdainful calm. He whispered to his son like a breath of air: “Your father has entered right concentration.”

When he emerged from samadhi, the old man bowed down and said to the Zen master: “I am grateful to you for your kindness and my obstacles have been eliminated. Now I feel happy and peaceful. Before I recited Buddha’s name, I thought. is to hire the teacher so that the teacher can get the merit and the child takes the money.

But today as I recite the Buddha’s name and experience this one-pointedness, I find the precious Dharma to be the most necessary thing in my life, so I take back all the merit that I have dedicated to it. Teacher, I would like to give you the money back.”

Comment:Dear friend!Although the old man’s first motive was for money, it was by the power of Amitabha’s name that he purified all his obstacles and reached the level of single-mindedness and single-mindedness. attain One-pointedness without disturbance, abide in the Buddha-nature. When we reach this state, we will definitely be reborn in the upper-class, not the low-level. We recite the Buddha’s name with different motivations, but if we diligently recite the Buddha’s name, the blessing is great. Only then do we know that Amitabha Buddha’s vow and divine power is inconceivable!


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