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On the afternoon of January 12, the Nuns Sub-Committee of the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha Department of Thai Binh Province held a Conference to Summarize Buddhist Affairs 2021 at Thanh Long Pagoda (D. Le Dai Hanh, Ky Ba Ward, Thai Binh City). .

Sister Thich Dam Luong, Standing Member of BTS and Head of Provincial Nuns Sub-Committee, chaired the conference. The venerable masters of the Provincial Buddhist Sangha Nun Sub-Committee and 8 districts and cities in the province also attended.

Overview of the Conference

At the Conference, the Venerable Monks heard the report summarizing the Buddhist work of the nuns in the province in the past year. Accordingly, the whole province currently has 459 Bhikkhunis, 15 monastics and novices, of which more than 400 have participated in retreat courses at 6 lower schools and Buddhist educational institutions. Currently, there are nearly 40 nuns studying at Buddhist schools. The nuns’ sub-committee has participated in reviewing records, conducting precept tests, and invited the Council of Nuns to post the ordination forum at the Great Precepts of Thanh Long for 20 Bhikshus and 10 novices.

Sister Thich Dam Luong delivered the opening speech of the Conference

Sister Thich Dam Luong delivered the opening speech of the Conference

Due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, Buddhist activities of the nuns had to be postponed or canceled. Temples with abbots have been serious about epidemic prevention and have many humanitarian and charity activities, joining hands with the government and people of the province to repel the epidemic, showing the spirit of attachment and companionship. ethnic. Charity activities are widely promoted at pagodas in many forms with a total amount of over 1 billion VND… In addition, the Provincial Nuns Sub-Committee has successfully organized a Conference to summarize Buddhist work for the term. 2016 – 2021 and operation direction for the term 2021 – 2026, introducing and approving personnel to join the District Executive Board for the term 2021 – 2016, appointing nuns to attend and congratulate the Conference on Summarizing the Buddha’s activities district, city.

Nuns attend the Conference

Nuns attend the Conference

On this occasion, the Provincial Sub-Committee on Nuns and Nuns assigned responsibilities to the Sub-Committees directly under it, discussing the plan of the Great Memorial Ceremony of Saint Ancestor Dai Ai Dao, which is scheduled to be held at Hoang Van Pagoda (Dong Hung) in the beginning of the year. In the second month (lunar calendar) of the year of the Tiger, discussing the operation rules of the Sub-Committee, the plan to visit and congratulate religious leaders and government departments on the occasion of the upcoming Lunar New Year.

At the Conference, the Provincial Nuns' Sub-Committee discussed many important Buddhist matters

At the Conference, the Provincial Nuns’ Sub-Committee discussed many important Buddhist matters

Speaking at the conclusion of the conference, Sister Thich Dam Luong highly appreciated the outstanding achievements of Buddhist nuns in the province in the past year, emphasizing some shortcomings and limitations that need to be overcome, noting comments, The nuns’ proposal and promised to submit it to the BTS Standing Committee in the upcoming Summary Conference, I hope that the nuns in the province need to unite and uphold the sense of responsibility of the Commissioners for the 2022 Buddhist mission of the nuns. In particular, Buddhism in the province in general has prospered in all aspects.


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