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If you find it difficult to feel self-love, try these short embodiment practices. Even if you don’t have a hard time with self-love, it never hurts to take a moment to practice loving yourself.

You can do this anytime—at your workplace, in the car going somewhere, or as part of your daily mindfulness practice.

Place one hand over your throat and breathe. Place another hand on your heart or on your belly and embrace yourself. Breathe softly, feeling the warm touch of your hand against the skin of your throat, for several breaths and breaths. If you feel safe, try gently closing your eyes.

– Tell yourself, ‘Just breathe. It’s okay. I love you. Repeat as many times as you like.

– If you find it difficult or uncomfortable to say, ‘I love you’ to yourself at first, you can say, ‘Help me love you. Help me take better care of you. ‘.

Move your hand to the opposite elbow and give yourself a hug. Feel the touch of your palm on the elbow. Hug yourself a little tighter, and then release. Can you feel the warmth and vitality in your own body? That’s the love right there.

How often do we admit that, despite all the suffering we may have gone through and put others through, life is still a party to be enjoyed? There is so much love in us and around us, as the energy of life.

– Try going out for a walk, somewhere with trees, and planting trees around you. Go with a friend, or go by yourself. Focus on soaking up the oxygen exhaled by the trees around you. Allow yourself to relax and touch the love in the air, in the steps you take, in the communal energy of living things. Do you feel love in the sunlight? Love is there, if only you allow yourself to taste it bit by bit.

Dang Nghiem in ‘Flowers in the Dark’ (Parallax 2021)


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