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This world is the world of matter and spirit, in order for matter and spirit to exist, there must be conditions for them. Because new property nourishes and is the engine to maintain the activity of that material or spiritual.

In the world, people have things for themselves such as money, houses, cars, etc., but as a Buddhist, what property do we have right now?

The Buddha taught: “Monks, there are these seven possessions. What is seven?

Credit talent, world talent, talent talent, precious talent, literary talent, charity money, intellectual property.This Male-stilts, here are seven properties. And the Buddha said the verse as follows: Faith and precepts, Talents and talents, Literature and giving, And wisdom is the seventh; Whoever has these talents, Woman or man, is called not poor. Suffering,Life is not empty,Therefore faith and precepts,Pure faith and seeing the Dharma,The wise are attentive,Remembering the Buddha’s teachings.”What is faith?

Here, the noble disciple has faith and confidence in the Tathagata’s enlightenment: “This is the Blessed One, the Arahant, the Perfectly Enlightened One, the Perfectly Enlightened One, the Good One, the World-Speaking One, the Infinite One. The Master, the Master, the Master of Heaven, the Master, the Buddha, the World Honored One”. This is called credit. What is the precept of wealth? Here, the Holy Disciple abstains from killing living beings, giving up taking what is not given, giving up sexual misconduct, giving up lying, giving up double-tonguing, from give up evil speech, give up frivolous talk, give up drunkenness, leaven of cooking. This is called talent. What is talent?

Here, the noble disciple is ashamed, ashamed of his body, evil speech, evil thoughts, shame for having accomplished evil and unwholesome dharmas. This is called talent. What is precious talent?

Here, the noble disciple is afraid, afraid of doing evil with the body, speaking evil with his mouth, and fearing in his thoughts because of the attainment of evil and unwholesome dharmas.

This is called wealth.

What is literature?

Here the noble disciple hears much, preserves what he has heard, accumulates what he has heard, these dharmas are good in the beginning, good in the middle, good in the end, in full meaning, upholding the perfect holy life. full of purity; These dharmas he has heard much, grasped, memorized, recited and recited many times, diligently observed, skillfully accomplished through right view. This is called literature.

What is a contestant?

Here, the noble disciple, with a mind renouncing the defilements of celibacy, dwells in an equanimous household, with open hands, fond of renunciation, willing to be asked, fond of sharing alms. This is called talent. What is wisdom?

Here, the noble disciple has wisdom, has wisdom about birth and death, and achieves the Holy Body entering (determined) leading to the true cessation of suffering. This is called wisdom.

(Sutra of the Sangha, chapter seven of the law, chapter 1 – property products)


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