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On the morning of January 18, 2022, at the headquarters of the 2nd Office of the Central Committee of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha (Quang Duc Zen Monastery, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City), the Military Zone 7 delegation visited and wished New Year’s greetings to the Venerables of the Standing Committee of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha.

The representative of Military Region 7 was led by Senior Lieutenant Colonel Vo Van Tho, Vice Chairman of Politics of the City Command. Ho Chi Minh is the team leader.

Next to the delegations were: HT. Thich Hue Tri – Member of the CRC, Head of the Central Legal Committee; HT. Danh Lung – Member of the Secretariat of the TSSC Deputy Chief of Office of the Central Office; HT. Thich Giac Liem – Co-member of the CSC Deputy Chief of the Central Office; TT. Thich Quang Thanh – Member of the Student Council Deputy Chief of the Office of the 2 TU and the Standing Monks at the Office of the 2 TU.

At the visit, the representative of Military Region 7 and the Ho Chi Minh City Command, Senior Lieutenant Colonel Vo Van Tho, sent greetings to health and New Year wishes to the venerable members of the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha, and at the same time acknowledged the positive contributions of the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha. has always accompanied the country, the nation and the military zone in the prevention of the Covid-19 epidemic. Colonel shared: Since the beginning of the year, thanks to the combination of Buddhism, the political-security-economic situation in Military Zone 7 and the City Command has made progress.

Sharing more about the epidemic situation, Colonel Vo Van Tho said that currently, soldiers of Military Zone 7 and the city command are always ready to perform well the task of preventing and controlling the Covid-19 epidemic at the checkpoints that have been set up. It is very practical to create a beautiful image of taking care of building a position of people’s hearts, in which the important thing is the friendly connection with ethnic minorities and people of all religions.


On this occasion, the colonel also expressed his appreciation, respect and gratitude for the contributions of Buddhism and fellow Buddhists in charity work to repay gratitude, to take care of the lives of the main subjects. books, etc., the colonel sends his best wishes to the venerable ones and Buddhists to welcome the New Year with joy and love.


In response, HT. Thich Hue Tri conveyed his best regards and wished the delegation many achievements in all their work. On behalf of the Venerables, the Council of Elders, HT. Thich Hue Tri expressed his joy at the sharing of representatives of Military Region 7 who visited and wished Tet to the Venerables of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha. The Venerable Master also sent his best wishes on the occasion of the new year to the delegation.


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