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In the morning of January 19, 2022 (on December 17, Tan Ox year), at An Tuong pagoda (Vinh Phuoc ward, Nha Trang city, Khanh Hoa province) Standing Committee of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha in Khanh Hoa province with French followers solemnly held a memorial ceremony and worshiped the late Kim Quan, the late Nun Thich Nu Dat Huong, abbot of An Tuong pagoda, entered the stupa.

Quang Lam proved that the ceremony had the presence of Most Venerable Thich Tinh Nghiem, Most Venerable Quang Thien – co-member of the CM, Proving the Executive Board of the Provincial Buddhist Sangha (BTS PG); Most Venerable Thich Minh Thong – Member of the TSSC, Acting Head of the Provincial Buddhist Sangha; Most Venerable Thich Nguyen Quang – Member of the TSSC, Deputy Head of the Provincial Buddhist Sangha. The venerable monks, nuns and Buddhists inside and outside the province came together to attend.


Senior nun LE THI HOANG, Dharma name TANH DIEU, Dharma self DAT HUONGProviding the Buddhist nun division of the Buddhist Sangha Proving the Khanh Hoa Buddhist nun divisionResiding at An Tuong PagodaVictory: January 15, 2022 (on the 13th day of the 12th lunar month of the New Year). Ox) Perpetuated: 101 years; Greece: 72 years.

After the senior nun Thich Nu Dieu Van – Deputy Head of the BTS and Head of the Provincial Buddhist Nun Sub-Committee, announced the Biography of the late Nun, Thich Nu Thong Thuan, on behalf of the Nun Sub-Committee, read the eulogy of gratitude: From here , the nuns of Khanh Hoa province lost a canopy of compassionate conifers to cover the way, and the disciples are now absent from their mentors.

On behalf of the Funeral Organizing Committee, Nun Thich Nu Dieu Nhan respectfully expressed her gratitude for the return of the religious leaders of the provincial Buddhist Sangha, the Buddhist monks of the provinces and cities across the country, agencies, and mass organizations. city ​​government. In Nha Trang, monks and nuns, Buddhists inside and outside Khanh Hoa province, visited the funeral, sent flowers, sent condolences and memorials to the province’s Buddhists and followers of the Dharma family and relatives of the late Nun.


At the moment of farewell, in front of the Giac Linh Dai, the Provincial Buddhist Sangha and followers respectfully offered incense in memory of the late Thich Nu Dat Huong, bid farewell to the Mahayana Dharma friend who accompanied him, and accompanied him. in the Dharma.


Most Venerable Thich Quang Thien declared the Dharma language and waved the ceiling. Most Venerable Thich Duc Thanh – Abbot of Phap Tanh Pagoda (Nha Trang City) Presides over the funeral, together with the Venerable Deities and Ban Rituals perform the rituals of offering incense bowls, dragon taste buds, relics and leaving the head nuns. The Giac Linh Hall enters the stupa in the sound of reciting the Buddha’s name, and with the mighty sound of the Prajna drum bells, they send their respects to the Buddha realm.


Some of the recorded photos would like to send to readers:







Senior nun LE THI HOANG, Dharma name TANH DIEU, Phap self DAT HUONG. The elder nun was born in 1921, in Huong Son, Ha Tinh. She came from a family of devout Buddhists. Her father is Mr. Le Dao. , later also paid the debt ceiling, ordained to follow the Buddha with the Dharma name Dat Lam. The mother is Mrs. To Thi Ut. The elder nun was the eldest sister in a family of three children. In 1938, the nun realized the bondage of the world, so she fled to Thach Dong mountain in Quang Ngai to practice on her own.

In 1940, the senior nun joined the Venerable Master Lieu Thuyen, a member of the Thien Thai Giao Quan Tong lineage, on the occasion of his preaching in Quang Ngai.

In 1942, the Nun was taught the Sadini Dharma precepts by Venerable Tantra in Quang Ngai.

In 1949, the senior nun was bhikkhuni at the Ho Quoc Forum, Bao Quoc Pagoda, Hue; led by Most Venerable Thich Tinh Khiet as the leading Venerable Master. In the following years, the nun studied at Dieu Duc Nunnery – Hue, under the guidance of the late Master Cheng Ninh, with the name Dieu Huong.

In 1954, the nun was appointed by the venerable deities to Hoi An to be the tribune for the temple of the female monk Bao Thang, along with the nuns Dam Huong and the nuns Nhu Huong to train the nuns.

In 1964, the senior nun was appointed by the deities to Nha Trang, to manage them at Dieu Quang Nunnery, Nha Trang.

In 1971, the nun was invited to the abbot of An Tuong pagoda, Vinh Phuoc ward, Nha Trang city.

In 1982, the senior nun assigned the pagoda to the late senior nun Minh Lieu to continue to accept nuns and guide Buddhists to study; and the chief nun is dedicated to practice.

-In 1993, the senior nun made a Yeti for Gioi Tu Ni at the Tri Thu 1 forum

In 1997, the senior nun became the Most Venerable Nun for the Tri Thu 2 Grand Precept.

-In 1999, the senior nun became the Most Venerable Nun for the Minor Precepts.

-In 2001, the senior nun became the Most Venerable Nun for the Tri Thu 3 Grand Precept.

-In 2003, the senior nun became the Most Venerable Nun for the Tieu Gioi Dan.

-In 2005, the senior nun became the Yeti for the Great Precepts of Tri Thu 4.

-In 2007, the senior nun made the Yeti for the Tieu Gioi Dan.

In 2009, the senior nun became the Most Venerable Nun for the Quang Duc Grand Ordnance in Nha Trang.

-In 2011, the senior nun became the Most Venerable Nun for the Tieu Gioi Dan.

By 2012, the senior nun, because of her illness, did not regularly participate in Buddhist affairs but concentrated on practicing.

The nun is a person who lives a very disciplined life, diligently practices, respects the Buddha and the Sangha. Although the nun’s words are not as numerous as the others’, her nun’s diligence and patience in practice has always been a shining example for the later generations. Although the body is old and weak because the four great elements are fighting against the left, the nun does not dare to disturb the masses. Until the age of 99, his strength was exhausted, but he still did not groan, lament, and conquer himself with the generals.

The journey of a full century, more than eighty years on the boat of liberation, did not let go of the chanting of the Buddha’s name, and the vows could not be expressed in words. It is worthy to be the Great Elder, not ashamed to be the daughter of the Thich family.

At 19:20, on January 15, 2022, on the 13th day of the 12th lunar month, Tan Ox, the senior nun peacefully released the body of the four greats at the inn for 101 years, wearing the Tathagata’s robes for 72 years.

Namo Thien Thai Giao Quan Tong Nhi Twelve The Huy Thuong Tanh Ha Dieu Tu Dat Huong Revered Master Chi Giac Linh Loi from the witness.


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