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Recently, many cases of child abuse have caused public outrage. Most recently, Thach That District General Hospital received the case of a 3-year-old girl suspected of being abused, with 09 nail-like objects in her skull. The police identified the suspect as the lover of the child’s mother.

On the evening of January 19, a representative of the police of Thach That district, Hanoi said that he had handed over the lover of the 3-year-old boy’s mother, Nguyen Trung H. (30 years old, residing in Thach That) to the Criminal Police Department of the police. Hanoi to investigate the case of a 3-year-old boy being abused.

Before that, the girl was admitted to the emergency room in a state of coma and convulsions. During the examination, the doctor discovered that the baby’s right hand had been in a cast for 2 weeks, and an X-ray discovered that there were 09 foreign bodies like pins on the head.

Picture of baby A. before being hospitalized

It is known that this is not the first time the baby has been hospitalized. In 08 months of living with his mother, he was hospitalized 04 times: The first time he had a foreign body in his nose; the second time, he swallowed 03 screws; For the third time, I got pesticide poisoning and this is the fourth time.

In the X-ray sheet, it was found that there were 09 foreign bodies suspected of being shot nails. If, after investigation and verification, it is found that these nails pierced the baby’s head due to external forces, due to the intentional fault of others, then this is not an accident but the incident may be prosecuted for criminal offenses. for investigation.

There is no need to wait for the results of investigation and verification of the incident by the competent police agency in order to have a basis for determining whether the child has been abused and is in the case of criminal prosecution.

Photo of baby skull D.NA

Photo of baby skull D.NA

Tears of love, 3-year-old boy was violently abused to death by his mother

If the verification results show that the nails have pierced the baby’s head in different directions, it must be an external force, not an accident.

At that time, the Investigation Agency (CQDDT) will prosecute a criminal case for Murder under article 123 of the Penal Code 2015, to conduct investigation activities in accordance with the law.

In this situation, the baby survived is a miracle. Usually just impacting the head, the skull with an object like a stick can make the victim critically ill. If a metal nail is inserted into the head, it only takes one to kill the victim.

In the case that someone pierced many nails into the head of a 3-year-old girl, but she still did not die, it was due to luck, in addition to the subjective will of the subject who committed dangerous acts to her.

Therefore, the act of piercing a metal nail into the head of a 3-year-old girl (if any) for any reason is an act of murder. This act will be criminally handled for murder according to article 123 of the Penal Code. 2015 revised and supplemented in 2017.

In case the foreign bodies are determined to be metal nails, the police will prosecute a criminal case.

After prosecuting the criminal case, the police will conduct investigative activities to determine who directly performed the act of influencing the nails to penetrate the baby’s head.

The police will also take testimonies of those who directly take care of the baby, who regularly approach the baby to clarify the cause.

At the same time, it will clarify conflicts between the child’s father, mother and other people involved. In case it is determined that someone has nailed the baby’s head, it will clarify the cause, motive and purpose of the behavior, and clarify the cognitive ability to control this person’s behavior.

Illustrated photo.

Illustrated photo.

Buddhism believes that beating and torturing others leads to physical retribution for many diseases, many people are born with diseases due to karmic retribution, the six senses are not complete, illness until death. just die.

All the good or bad results we are receiving in the present are due to the root of the cause we have created in the past, not suddenly when there is no. Once we know that, we want everything to be good, happy or sad tomorrow, so right now we must know how to prepare and try to keep from doing anything bad, harmful to others and to others. object. Buddhism is a religion of compassion and wisdom, always loving humanity equally, so never having thoughts and actions that harm anyone.

Bad causes give the result of devastation and suffering, good causes give results of peace and happiness, killing results in premature death, not killing life results in a long life, beating and beating people and animals leads to many diseases, or comfort and support people to live healthy. If we have a lot of anger, our body will be ugly, our face will be unsightly, or if we open our hearts of compassion and compassion for sentient beings, our bodies will be righteous, our faces will be beautiful and cute… If we know how to prepare with good karma, we will If we get to the good realm and live happily and peacefully, if we prepare with evil karma, we will go into the three evil paths and suffer a lot.


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