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Bidya Devi Bhandari – President of Nepal, has called for all levels of education in this country to incorporate the teachings of Buddha and Buddhist philosophy into the curriculum.

That was the content of the speech on the occasion of the 17th anniversary of the establishment of Lumbini Buddhist University (LBU) and the central library building of the university recently.

According to President Bhandari, Buddhist philosophy has spread all over the world and a number of prestigious universities have incorporated the teachings of Buddha and Buddhist philosophy into their curricula. In that spirit, the President also emphasized that Nepal will promote education and research sectors related to Buddhist literature, philosophy and culture as well as improve the quality of Buddhist education, in order to strengthen Buddhist education. consolidating and developing the education and academia of the country.

“This will help the wisdom of Buddhism, a priceless heritage of humanity, to be passed on to future generations. Research autonomy in universities is a prerequisite for the development of national academics. The curriculum should be research-oriented for students in order to create a skilled workforce by maintaining a specialized academic environment in universities.

Ms. Bidya Devi Bhandari, President of Nepal

Also during the ceremony, President Bhandari stressed that it is really necessary and important to organize programs to attract local and international students, researchers, and scholars. Historical sites and intangible cultural heritage on the list of World Heritage Sites need to be preserved and promoted.

In addition, the President said that many artifacts of cultural and archaeological value are still being excavated in the Lumbini area; At the same time, she also called on local authorities to pay more attention to the progress of this search process. The importance of excavating and promoting the archaeological and cultural heritage related to Buddha and Buddhist education, especially in places like Kapilavastu, Rupandehi and Nawalparasi, also attracted her special attention. and emphasis.

Devendra Paudel, Minister of Education, Science and Technology, also spoke at the event, promising a vision for expanding LBU’s training programmes. Recognizing such efforts from LBU, Bhim Subedi, Chairman of the University Research Committee, commended the university for its positive contributions in promoting Buddhist culture and art.

Established on June 17, 2014, Lumbini Buddhist University is a famous educational institution in Lumbini, Nepal, where Buddha was born. Before that, the proposed model of the school was presented at the first World Buddhist Summit in Lumbini in 1998.


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