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On the morning of January 21, 2022 (on December 19 of the New Year of the Ox), at Khanh Lam pagoda (Kon Plong district, Kon Tum province) solemnly held a ceremony to place the eight Arhat and the Second Dharma Protectorate.

Prove and attend the ceremony, have HT. Thich Quang Xa – Vice Chairman of the Council of TS, Head of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha BTS in Kontum province. Along with the monks and nuns of the province, Buddhist monks inside and outside the province have come to visit together.

The ceremony took place according to Buddhist rituals including vowing incense, paying respects to the Three Jewels; Praise the Dharma, praise the Buddha, pray for peace, pray for peace.

Khanh Lam Pagoda (Kon Plong district) is a spiritual tourist destination and at the same time an artistic architectural work between Bac Tong Buddhism combined with the typical communal house architecture of the Central Highlands.


Speaking at the ceremony, Venerable Thich Nhuan Bao of the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha, Standing Deputy Head of the Standing Committee of the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha in Kon Tum province, the abbot of Khanh Lam pagoda said: With the wish to preserve and embellish more for the old temple, it is more solemn and beautiful. It is also an important place for monks, nuns and Buddhists to practice and study, and also a place for people and tourists from all over the world to visit, worship and find purity. Meeting auspicious conditions, the Venerable Venerable invited the Thap Bat Arhat and Nhi Vi Kim Cang statues to the Monastery. The Venerable said: The Ten Arhats are 18 people who have cultivated according to Buddhist beliefs and have reached the limit. Has been permanently liberated from the cycle of birth and death. “The 18 Arhats represent specific folk beliefs. Their lives are supernatural, but they are very close to sentient beings…”. True to the transliteration of Sanskrit Arahat “Slaughter, Unborn, Devotion”


Murder is the removal of all defilements in the mind.

No birth is synonymous with Nirvana free from ordinary samsara.

Making offerings means being worthy of the offerings made by mortals.


Each Arhat has its own meaning, In the paintings, sculptures, images of the Arhats are depicted as monks with simple costumes, imagining bold temperament radiating dignity, highlights the nature of leaving worldly desires behind.

It can be said that the names as well as the behavior of the eighteen Arhats are interpreted under different “records”. Depending on the space, cultural context, and folk beliefs, there is a diversity and richness in the behavior of the Eight Arhats. The biggest similarity is that the Arhats had great merits in the cause of protecting and propagating the Dharma as well as affirming the practicality and feasibility of the Buddha’s teachings.

Here are some captured images:



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