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The city has so far injected more than 2.3 million booster shots of the vaccine to its people to reduce the rate of severe illness and death.

According to a quick report by the Hanoi Steering Committee for Covid-19 Prevention and Control on January 25, the city is treating 69,075 people with Covid-19.

Patients were allocated at the Central Hospital for Tropical Diseases (142), the Hanoi Medical University Hospital (223), the hospitals in Hanoi (3,394), the city’s collection facilities (745), district-level collecting facilities (4,956). In addition, 59,615 F0 are being monitored and isolated at home.

Statistics from the Department of Medical Examination and Treatment (Ministry of Health), last updated on January 25, show that in Hanoi, 1,227 F0 patients are being treated at hospitals with mild symptoms and no symptoms.

More than 500 people in Hanoi have died from Covid-19 in the 4th epidemic.

In addition, the city is treating 2,221 Covid-19 patients with moderate level, 691 cases with severe and critical developments (up 6.4% compared to the average 7 days ago).

In which, 570 cases required oxygen through masks, glasses frames, 37 cases of high-flow oxygen (HFNC), 20 cases of non-invasive mechanical ventilation, 60 cases of invasive mechanical ventilation and 4 cases of dialysis.

On January 25, Hanoi had 19 Covid-19 patients who died. From April 29, 2021 to now, the city has had a total of 506 cases of Covid-19 and death.

The city has injected a total of 14,541,317 doses of Covid-19 vaccine. In which, the total number of additional injections was 241,072, the booster was 2,193,061.

Also on January 21, Hanoi recorded an additional 2,957 positive cases of SARS-CoV-2, bringing the city’s total number of cases in the 4th epidemic wave to 117,535. These cases were detected in all 30/30 districts, towns and cities in Hanoi.

Some localities that recorded the most cases in a day were Gia Lam (184), Hoang Mai (146), Dong Anh (128), Dong Da (107), Nam Tu Liem (104), Thanh Tri (84), …

According to the latest epidemic assessment results of the Hanoi People’s Committee as of January 21, Hanoi maintains epidemic level 2 (yellow zone – risk). Hanoi still has 4 districts/districts at level 3: Gia Lam, Nam Tu Liem, Hoang Mai and Chuong My; The remaining 26 areas are at level 2.

On the afternoon of January 25, the Hanoi Department of Health issued a document directing medical facilities under the sector to proactively implement measures to ensure good emergency care, medical examination and treatment during the Lunar New Year. 2022.

The Department of Health requires four-level standing units, including direct leadership, handling hotlines; professional duty; administrative duty – logistics; guard – self-defense; have plans to prevent and combat fires, disasters and mass accidents; cold prevention for patients.

At the same time, the upper-level units must be ready to provide technical support to the lower-level when necessary. Units need to actively respond to the Covid-19 epidemic, especially the Omicron variant; have a specific plan on stockpiling drugs, infusion fluids, oxygen, supplies, chemicals, hospital beds, emergency equipment and out-of-hospital emergency to be ready to respond and ensure good collection and treatment. treat and isolate patients.

Well organize the work of emergency, medical examination and treatment for people, ensure that emergency patients are examined and treated in a timely manner, not rejected or handled late. In the case of out-of-network or out-of-specialty, medical facilities must provide stable initial first aid before transferring the patient to another medical facility.

Each unit prepares drugs, blood, fluids, equipment and human resources for emergency, medical examination and treatment, especially traffic accident and food poisoning.

The Department of Health also requires the units to strictly implement the daily reporting regime and promptly report any unusual developments to the department for a timely direction and resolution plan.


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