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Knowing what those things are, we will no longer be too miserable and in pain when we can’t hold them back.

During the time when Shakyamuni Buddha lived at Ky Vien Vihara, there was a Brahmin couple who had a daughter about 14 or 15 years old who was very dignified, intelligent, and talented in speech. match. But suddenly the girl became seriously ill and soon passed away.

The couple loved this only daughter more than their own lives. Usually, whenever I encounter something troubling, just seeing my daughter, those worries and worries immediately disappear.

So when faced with the sudden death of his daughter, the father was extremely miserable, every day crying pitifully, so sad that he went crazy all the time, just wandering around all day.

Once while wandering, the father went to the place of Shakyamuni Buddha, and when he met him, he suddenly looked like a man who had just woken up from a coma.


He bowed his head and bowed to Shakyamuni Buddha and said in a sad voice: “I have no son, only this daughter, cherishing her like a pearl in my hand, she makes me forget everything. troubles in life.

But she suddenly fell seriously ill, and passed away right in front of my eyes. No matter how much I shake her, she won’t wake up, she won’t even call her, her eyes will close, her body cools down, and her breathing stops.

Even though I cry out to the heavens, I can’t understand, and the earth has no spirit. The melancholy pain in my heart is indescribable, hard to control. I just hope that the Blessed One will remove these troubles for me.”

He spoke with a choked voice of pain and tears, making the listeners around him feel sad.

After hearing that, the Buddha told him that there are four things in the world that don’t last forever:

First, everything is impermanent

That is, anything that exists in this world is not immutable and cannot be kept in its original state forever. It is always changing, its nature will gradually change and eventually disappear.

For example, our body is always in the process of metabolism, going through birth, aging, sickness and death, and finally disappearing from this world. Mountains and rivers, heaven and earth, earth, universe… all are going through the process of “building, standing, breaking, empty” and “birth, standing, change, death”.



Second, being rich doesn’t last forever

That is, no matter how rich and wealthy people are, there will be a recession in the end.

There is an old saying: “No one is rich for more than three generations”, unless they forever do good deeds and accumulate virtue, then they can preserve the glory and wealth for the lives of their children and grandchildren.

But we ordinary people all have greed, have and want to have more, have a lot and want to have forever. Therefore, if you do not want to give, then wealth cannot last forever.

Third, if you gather, there will be separation

Six relatives (father, mother, wife, husband, brother, brother) living in the same place or friends and relatives who have met will have to separate one day, so there is a saying “there is no family without separation”. glass”

Especially the generation gap, because after adulthood, children often leave their homeland and fend for themselves in real life to earn a living. Even if parents and children live together, one day, they will also have to face “separation and separation”.

Fourth, even if you are healthy, you will eventually return to dust

People, no matter how strong their health, will have to leave at some point. Even if you live a long life, you will eventually return to eternal dust.

Humans have been sentenced to death since birth, the date of execution is unknown, death is always waiting beside each of us. There should be a saying: “Life itself is immortal.” Is there anyone in this world who doesn’t have to face death?

Therefore, people must live and continue to solve great things in the next life, in order to live peacefully and die peacefully.

Finally, Buddha Shakyamuni said four verses:

“Usually pretending to be well-off, high-ranking herons,

The union is fraternal, life and death are inevitable.”

The meaning of this sentence is: Everything has an end, high and low, then there will be a cup, life will have death.

After hearing the teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha, his heart was enlightened and clear, he no longer suffered too much when thinking about his daughter.


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