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In early May, Social Science Publishing House released volume 1 of the book “Buddhist Studies” with nearly 500 pages long, including 2 main contents: Buddhist thought and Buddhism with culture – society .

The book includes 28 research articles by researchers at the Vietnam Buddhist Academy in Hue and Ho Chi Minh City, the Institute of Buddhist Studies, the Institute of Social Sciences in the South, and the University of Social Sciences and Humanities. Literature such as: Venerable Thich Dong Thanh, Venerable Thich Hanh Tue, Associate Professor Tran Hong Lien, Doctor Duong Hoang Loc, Doctor Ninh Thi Sinh, Doctor Truong Thu Trang, Doctor Dang Hoang Lan…

Book cover

Representative of the editorial board, Dr. Duong Hoang Loc, director of the Center for Research on Religion – Ethics under the University of Social Sciences and Humanities, said: “The content of the book is diverse with many topics on thought. ideas, history, cultural heritage, literature and art related to Buddhism. In addition, the book is made according to the interdisciplinary research approach of philosophy, history, ethnology, sociology and art. Therefore, the book has academic value and is a necessary document for those who are interested in learning about Buddhism today.

Master Dao Thi Diem Trang, lecturer at Van Lang University, said: “The book has exploited new aspects of the relationship between Buddhism and art and contemporary social issues, which is ‘the land of the land. ‘ for young researchers interested in Buddhism”.


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