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With his dedication to the community and ethnic minorities, Venerable Ly Hung has received more than 200 certificates of merit, certificates of merit, 10 medals and medals from ministries, branches, localities and Cambodia. The Venerable made contributions in many fields, but above all with his earnest heart “for the people”, “for the people of the nation”.

When a monk participates in legal aid

Always thinking “I come from nothing, I must try to become yes, to serve life and help people”, Venerable Ly Hung has constantly tried, overcoming all challenges and difficulties to strive to reach From poverty, I have the awareness to study hard to get out of poverty and reach for success. I have goodwill, have faith, sooner or later I will succeed. If you can’t walk, you will crawl, if you can’t, you will also come!”

Born and raised in Can Tho City, Venerable Ly Hung experienced a difficult childhood. When he was young, he did many things such as collecting ticks, catching crabs, catching snails… to have money to buy books and go to school. With faith and unremitting efforts, the Venerable overcame all difficulties and aspired to “establish himself” to help the world.

At the age of 14, the monk ordained at Sanvor Pothinhen temple (O Mon district). From the available kindness and the teachings of “compassion, joy and equanimity” of the Buddha have molded more qualities. The Venerable Master always thought that “Dao” is also “Life”, “Life” as well as “Dao”, with parallel nature. A monk must study religion to cultivate life, live in a way that is “good in life and beautiful in religion”.

The Venerable Master always carries the spirit of “entering the world”, helping the community, enthusiastically participating in Union and Association activities, aiming to help the community. The Venerable called for donations to build schools in remote and isolated areas; to build rural roads, concrete bridges in Phum and Socs; build a charitable house; organizing humane eye surgery for the blind… Besides, the Venerable Master advocated and explained to people the policies and laws of the Party and the State; removing and applying reality, helping ethnic minority people in the area have stable jobs and accommodation, contributing to reducing complaints.

Venerable Ly Hung has made many contributions to friendship with Cambodia.

Most Venerable Thich Hien Tu – Portrait of a Buddhist Statue of Dragon

Formerly a law school student, having attended a lawyer certificate class, the Venerable has solid legal qualifications and enthusiastically participated as a collaborator at the old Can Tho Provincial Legal Aid Center. During nearly 10 years of participating in legal aid, the Venerable Master has effectively applied his legal knowledge as well as the peculiarities of Khmer ethnic culture to successfully reconcile and help many homosexual cases. Khmer ethnic people have legal problems and disputes.

Remembering the memories of legal aid for Khmer ethnic people, Venerable Ly Hung shared: “There are many cases of families with many children but they did not register their births, could not go to school, and the assistants went down to coordinate with the People’s Committee of the People’s Committee of Vietnam. commune to assist in making birth certificates for the children and sending them to school. I’m done, they’re happy, I’m happy too.”

According to Venerable Ly Hung, the work of reconciliation among the Khmer people is difficult but extremely important. If you want to help, you must understand the characteristics of the region and the language to contact people, and use reason and love in a way that is harmonious and convincing. “In order to reconcile, the aid must choose a temple to invite them to analyze and explain the law for them to understand. It is not enough to use Vietnamese, but to use Khmer for them to understand. Sometimes they can hear and speak Vietnamese but can’t fully understand what they want to express. The reason for choosing a temple site for reconciliation is because the temple is the community center of the Khmer people, when they were born, raised and until they died, they were attached to the pagoda. The role of pagodas and monks with ethnic minorities is an indispensable link. In the belief of ethnic minorities, the pagoda is a very sacred place of belief and they are very confident, so choosing the temple as a place of reconciliation is very appropriate and more effective,” explained the Venerable.

Passionate about education

From a young schoolboy, he had to collect ticks, crabs, and snails to have money to go to school; Now, the Venerable Master has become a respected and prestigious monk among the ethnic minorities and is well known for his actions and deeds that help the community, especially the Khmer people. During the years of ordination, Venerable Ly Hung devoted all his attention to studying. Currently, the Venerable Master is a Doctor of Religious Studies and can communicate fluently in many languages ​​such as: Vietnamese, Khmer, English, Chinese, Bali…

Giving gifts to poor children to enjoy the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Giving gifts to poor children to enjoy the Mid-Autumn Festival.

“The poorer I am, the more I have to work hard to study, I have to study to get ahead, I have to study to get ahead. For that reason, he constantly and diligently studied to have the qualifications and knowledge to help the world and help people. Understanding that difficulty, he focused on taking care of human resources among the ethnic minorities, taking care of the poor and disadvantaged students in the Mekong Delta,” said Venerable Ly Hung.

In the campus of Pitu Khosa Rangsay pagoda, Venerable Ly Hung built 2 dormitories to adopt and support poor students who are studying at secondary schools, colleges and universities in Can Tho city: “The temple receives and support them from 1996 to present. At first, due to difficult conditions, only a few children were supported. Since 2000, supporting a few dozen children at a time, sometimes up to 60 children. Students who go to school under the policy are exempted from tuition fees.

“Here, I will take care of the children completely free of charge from electricity, water, meals, activities, those who are in difficulty, through festivals, give scholarships to them, in case they do not have a car. When cycling, I buy bicycles for the children to go to school. Here they live as members of the temple. Because at first, their parents brought them back, so when the children graduated from school, their parents would have a ceremony to receive them,” said Venerable Ly Hung.

When living at the temple, the children are also taught the rituals, customs, lifestyle, and culture of the nation… “Ethnic minority youths grow up going to pagodas and monasteries, they are not allowed to practice but have the opportunity. Being in the temple is considered as a monk. I teach them how to live and be polite”, the Venerable shared.

Portraits of Bodhisattvas

Venerable Ly Hung offers scholarships to poor students of the Khmer ethnic group.

Venerable Ly Hung offers scholarships to poor students of the Khmer ethnic group.

“The monk wishes to support a part in the training of human resources among the children of the Khmer ethnic group so that they can have a letter and a job so that they can return to their homeland to serve in the locality. I’m happy to see the students learning to their destination. So far, you’ve all been successful. I remember there was a child who sold lottery tickets but was shocked, then went to sell bread, sold it for nothing, so he bought it all and supported him to have the conditions to go to school. Now he has become the Marketing Director of a big business. In many cases, 14-15 years later, the children who brought their wives and children would tell their wives and children, then pay their respects to the monk, very touched,” said Venerable Ly Hung.

In the past 25 years, there have been about 500-700 talented engineers, doctors, directors working everywhere coming out of Pitu Khosa Rangsay temple with the guidance and help of Venerable Ly Hung. The difficult fates thought they would miss their studies, but with the support and companionship of Venerable Ly Hung, they helped them rise to success, benefit the world, and serve the country. The Venerable Master also supported and supported 17 Cambodian international students to study at universities in Can Tho (Program “Incubation of Friendship”).

With his dedication to the community, to the Khmer people, and wholeheartedly serving “the dharma, the nation, and socialism”, Venerable Ly Hung received more than 200 certificates of merit, certificates of merit, and 10 medals. , medals of ministries, branches, localities and Cambodia. Typically, Certificate of Merit from the Minister, Chairman of the Committee for Ethnic Minorities; Certificate of Merit from the Minister of Public Security, the Chairman of the People’s Committee of Can Tho City, the Central Committee of the Vietnam – Cambodia Friendship Association; Medal “For the cause of humanity”, “For the cause of great national unity”, “Defending national security”, “For the cause of development of all nations”, “For peace and friendship” , “For the cause of humanity”…

Venerable Ly Hung used to work as a legal aid collaborator for a long time.

Venerable Ly Hung used to work as a legal aid collaborator for a long time.

Venerable Thich Vien Thanh – Portrait of an enlightened compassionate man

Venerable Ly Hung is currently a member of the Executive Council – Deputy Head of the Legal Department of the Central Committee of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha, a member of the Central Executive Committee of the Vietnam – Cambodia Friendship Association, Deputy of the Executive Committee cum Head of the French Committee. Can Tho City Buddhist Sangha, Standing Vice President of Can Tho City’s Solidarity of Patriotic Monks Association, Vice President of Vietnam-Cambodia Friendship Association Can Tho City, Abbot of Pitu Khosa Rangsay Pagoda (Vietnamese name is Can Tho City). Vien Quang, in Can Tho city).


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