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The way of life of the Zen masters is truly an inspiration to us. They live simply, mindful and alert, peaceful and relaxed in their daily lives.

The way of life of the Zen masters is truly an inspiration to us. They live simply, mindful and alert, peaceful and relaxed in their daily lives.

To have peaceful relaxation and also achieve high results while working, let’s refer to the Rules of Life from Zen masters:

1.Do only one thing at a time

Do one thing at a time, and don’t do many things at once. When we pour water, pour only water. When we eat, just eat. When we shower, just shower. When we work just work. Don’t try to do some extra chores while eating, or in the shower.

2. Let’s work focused and slow

We can do one thing at a time, but we often do it in a hurry. Instead, we should work leisurely, and slowly. Act with attention, without haste, and without disorder. This takes a lot of practice, but will help us focus more on the task at hand.

3. Solve the problem definitively

Focus on the work you are doing. Do not move on to the next task until the current job is completed. If for some special reason we have to get to work on something else, try to tidy up the unfinished business.

4. Do many things but be selective

Zen masters usually get up early and do a lot of work. They don’t create a to-do list, but start with a simple thought: there’s some work to be done today, that’s all. When we know CHOICE of work, we can do it more leisurely, complete and focused. If you try to fill a day with countless tasks, it will be easy to do it carelessly and make a lot of mistakes.

5. Leave space between tasks

This is how we manage the work schedule. Don’t ‘pack’ tasks too tightly – leave gaps so there’s always enough time to complete each task. That buffer is a backup to take if the job takes longer than planned and helps you feel lighter.

Live simply, be mindful and alert, peaceful and relaxed in daily life.

6. Create a “Rite” for the to-do

Zen masters have rituals for everything they do, from eating, to cleaning, to meditating. The ritual creates a sense of importance. If something is important enough to have a ritual, it is worth our attention and doing it slowly and precisely.

We can create our own ‘rituals’: For example, every morning when we wake up, before we do anything, we can say good things to ourselves and welcome it.

7. Jobs done at a certain time

Zen masters arrange certain activities at certain times of the day. When to shower, when to work, when to clean, when to eat, when to exercise or to meditate… This helps to ensure that the work is done regularly.

For the important things that you feel require regular practice, design a suitable time of day for doing it. It’s a great way to program your brain and create good habits.

8. Take time to meditate

Meditation is one of the most important activities of a Zen master’s day. Each day, they set aside a certain amount of time to meditate. Meditation is a practice that helps us stay awake in the present moment. You can spend time meditating, or you can also go for a run, or any other activity as a way of practicing mindfulness. It is important that you practice regularly and be aware of the present moment.

9. Learn to smile and help others

Serving and helping others is also the way Zen masters practice humility, living selflessly, for others. Smiling and being kind to people is probably the best way to improve your own life and those around you. Take the time to participate in volunteer activities and help others.

10. Simplify the essentials

Zen masters live very simply but peacefully. You don’t have a wardrobe full of fashionable clothes and shoes. They don’t have a fridge full of junk food. They also don’t need smart tech-devices. Try to reflect on what we really need and remove ‘junk’ from our lives.

“Meditation does not help us to have strong emotions, but it helps us to focus while doing daily tasks.”


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